Tuesday, 30 May 2017

All of your Brexit questions answered

All of your Brexit questions answered

Back in those tranquil days when ‘Brexit’ was a spelling mistake, and the referendum merely a glint in Nigel Farage’s eye, EWN received an extremely prescient letter from a reader concerned about how a UK divorce from Europe might affect British expats in Spain and beyond. 

Here is the letter published in full: 

The big question

What if the unthinkable did happen? The UK leaves the EU. Right now it looks very possible. So where do we stand? Not just those of us here in Spain but the thousands in France, Portugal, Italy and right across the continent of Europe. 

Are we to be sent packing? Or will there be an amnesty for us because we are already here? 

There are dozens of questions on the subject. Will EWN get to grips with this issue and offer its opinions and ideas as to what could lie ahead?

Any opinions would be gratefully appreciated. 

Yours faithfully,

Paul, Benalmadena Costa 

Now that the ‘unthinkable’ has happened and Britain is on course to leave the EU, EWN is stepping up to the plate to try to get answers to these big questions. In the forthcoming months we will be welcoming all of your thoughts, worries, concerns - no matter how strange or outlandish they may seem.  

We will enlist the help of qualified experts to answer your queries, clear out the confusion and establish a firm foundation for your future. Whether it’s property, pensions, health or insurance, this is your space to lay bare all of your thoughts and concerns. 

Post all of your questions below as a comment. Talk to us and talk to one another. It’s time to get the ball rolling...

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