Saturday, 27 May 2017

Six missiles fired by North Korea

North Korea's military North Korea's military © Astrelok / Shutterstock

NORTH KOREA has fired six short range missiles into the sea after new UN sanctions were imposed. 

Reports have surfaced from South Korea and the projectile missiles, either guided missiles or rockets, were fired at about 10am local time (2pm Central European Time) from the east coast, at a place called Wonsan. 

The firing of the rockets is being seen by experts as an act of defiance against the recent sanctions which have been the toughest sanctions brought against North Korea to date. These measures are in response to the country's recent nuclear testing and satellite launch. 

The sanctions include the checking of cargo arriving and leaving the country and the blacklisting of 12 organisations and 16 individuals. Sanctions were imposed by the UN Security Council and included support from the United States and China (originally an ally of North Korea). 

Barack Obama stated that the international community was "speaking with one voice" to tell the North it "must abandon these dangerous programmes and choose a better path for its people".

Leaders in North Korea are set to become outraged at the annual exercises jointly arranged by South Korea and the US.  

Observers will be wondering whether the military co-op will result in a fifth nuclear test performed by the country. 

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