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Neater Heaters have the best ideas for economy and comfort

PANEL HEATER: Suitable for modern interiors. PANEL HEATER: Suitable for modern interiors.

USING the latest materials and technology, Neater Heaters are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and come with a five-year warranty.

Testing has shown that the reduced running costs of Neater Heaters, when compared to their ‘competition,’ can produce considerable annual savings for the customer.

Why is this? Neater Heaters use convection principals and are designed so that the electricity you put into the heater is converted to heat as cheaply as possible. Quite simply; when you turn on the heater the element warms up rapidly and heats the air around it. This air rises and draws more cold air into the heater.

Because the element is extremely efficient and is designed to have a huge surface area, a large quantity of air is heated very quickly.

If your room has the correct sized heater, it will take about 20 minutes to warm up from cold, after which the heater eases off and works at about two-thirds capacity (depending on various external influences).

Whether you are choosing from the stylish Glamox or Beha ranges, or the more utilitarian Adax Standard range, you can be confident that you will have an efficient, cost-effective heater with safety and quality assured.

For modern interiors, or where a splash of colour may be desired, the slim and elegant design of the Neo fits right in. The Neo is both smart and clever; with a digital display and in-built day and night temperature reduction, it can provide a further 25 per cent reduction in running costs.

All Neater Heaters are available as normal panel heaters or low-profile skirting board heaters. They can all be supplied with feet to stand alone. We are now pleased to announce that we accept all major credit cards.

With our online or phone facilities for credit card payments, bank transfer and PayPal, buying these fantastic heaters couldn’t be easier.

Alternately, Neater Heater has a growing network of agents offering local sales and support from Moraira in the north, down to Almeria / Costa del Sol.


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