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Neater Pool Guardian safety fence

SAFETY FENCE: Provides the solution to protecting your child from danger SAFETY FENCE: Provides the solution to protecting your child from danger

PROTECT your children with a removable pool safety fence. Most parents, when asked, would say that the safety and well-being of their children is their most important duty. In fact, most parents can’t relax properly until they know that their children are as safe as it is possible for them to be.
We at Neater Pool Guardian recognise this need and provide a solution to protect your child from the greatest hazard faced by most small children growing up in a Mediterranean climate: the family or holiday swimming pool. Small children are attracted to water. They have no sense of danger and a curiosity that unless you can watch them like a hawk, naturally draws them into dangerous situations. This is why in most warm countries drowning in pools is the number two cause of accidental infant death, second only to road traffic accidents. Young children drown in silence and in minutes.
Swimming is no guarantee of survival as the shock of unintentionally falling in induces panic. The general profile of a child drowning victim is one who is being supervised by one, or more, adults who think that the child is somewhere else. It is very rarely a child playing in the pool with the knowledge of the supervising adults.
With a Neater Pool Guardian removable safety fence preventing your children getting unauthorised access to your pool, you can relax as much as any parent of young children can, knowing that you have done all you can to prevent your family suffering the unimaginable trauma of having to ask yourself forever: “What if?”

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Neater Pool Guardian in association with Neater Heater, Norway’s answer to heating your home in Spain, please see our website www.neaterheater.es

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