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Fill your face for a young fresh look

ARE you fed up with looking at a tired, sagging face in the mirror? Do you know you are younger and more vibrant on the inside than you look on the outside? Want to do something about it but not keen to go under the knife? Then dermal fillers may be for you.
Dermal fillers have long been used to reduce, or even eliminate, specific lines or wrinkles. But today’s fillers can do much more. Now, they can contour and rejuvenate the face, giving a younger, more refreshed look, closer to how you feel on the inside.
Medcare’s aesthetics doctor, Najma Hussain explains: “Volumising fillers do exactly as they say; add volume. They allow cosmetic doctors to ‘sculpt’ the face, addressing issues such as sunken cheeks, gravity folds and general sagging. When placed in exactly the right positions for each individual, they can make a big difference to the overall look of the face, giving more pleasing and youthful-looking contours.”
This is great news for people with thin faces, which can age more rapidly than those of their chubbier-cheeked friends. Skin loses natural plumpness as we get older, so thinner faces can quickly turn from delicate and defined to haggard and gaunt.
But it is not just gauntness that can be corrected. As we age, plumpness from higher up on the face can ‘slide’ down with gravity, leaving the lower part of the face looking heavy. By putting volume back where it used to be, a younger, lifted look is created.
Volumising fillers require great skill from the doctor. So, it is worth making sure whoever you choose has the expertise, training and experience, as well as a good eye.
Dr Hussain has been using the technique with patients in her clinics for a long time, having trained with top aesthetics doctors in London, and is getting some wonderful results.
Lorraine Priestley, one of Dr Hussain’s patients said: “My chin area has been getting a little lined and saggy. Since my Juvederm injections it has lifted and the lines have disappeared. Where I had a slight jowl, that’s disappeared as well. It’s all about getting the right grade of filler in the right areas and Dr Hussain is an expert at that.”
To find out more, book a free consultation with Dr Hussain by calling 966 860 258 or email
Free consultations are available for all Medcare’s aesthetic treatments at Benijofar including Exilis Elite body contouring, a treatment that has seen patients lose up to 7cm from problem areas.

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