Friday, 26 May 2017


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It's not Nike! It's pronounced Nikey!

Nike's Phil Knight has ended years of speculation. Nike's Phil Knight has ended years of speculation. Photo: Nike Inc

It has long been one of the biggest conundrums of modern history. But now the answer to the question ‘How is Nike pronounced?’ has been revealed.


The correct pronunciation of the sporting brand name has long been debated but now the world has the answer after the head of the brand has stepped in to clarify the situation.  

The Chairman of the board of directors at the company, Philip Knight, was sent a letter by a curious pair wanting to know how the company name should be said.

Creative advertising students Ben Martin and Kendal Peters posted the letter, which asked Knight to circle the correct pronunciation and return it to them.

Knight circled the ‘Nikey’ option rather than the ‘Nike’ choice, ending years of misreading.

The students wrote to the Daily Mail to say: 'We had had this friendly bet between us for a while now and decided to write to Phillip Knight to once and for all settle one of life's biggest unanswered questions. 

'We included a stamped addressed envelope inside the letter so that he could simply circle the answer and send it back to enlighten us all. We didn't actually think that he would do it. But all credit to him, a few weeks later the letter returned!'

Founded in 1964, Nike (read ‘Nikey’) has gone on to become one of the biggest sporting brands in the world. 

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