DOGS have always been credited with the power of sensing supernatural influences, as well of being able to see ghosts, spirits, faeries or deities which are invisible to human eyes.…
Many of us who have had young pets know that the fabulous playfulness can be irrepressible, and highly entertaining. But what happens when you, their number one playmate, go away…
A DOG harness is piece of equipment for dogs, similar to harness tack for horses. There are various designs, depending on the type of use. Harnesses can be used on…
SIR, Hello, I would like to address your columnist, David the Dogman, this week in the Euro Weekly News he had an article on flying with pets. I have read…
WITH more and more people owning properties in Spain and spending a large part of their year here, pet travel has increased dramatically with owners preferring to bring their animals…
DURING the summer months responsible dog owners must take vital precautions to protect their pets from the season’s many hazards. Dogs have inefficient cooling systems compared to humans. With sweat…
I HOPE you have not purchased a puppy off the internet or pet shop, if so expect your puppy to have health problems. If you have answered a newspaper advertisement…
IF your cat or dog has a history of trauma, whether suspected or confirmed, here are some guidelines to remember. 1. The cat or dog determines what’s traumatising, not you.…
POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS is most well-known as a disorder frequently experienced by elderly felines and canines however any survivor of trauma may experience the symptoms. Little is known about why some…
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