Jay Emeny

Jay Emeny

RYANAIR pilots have announced they will strike just days before Christmas.

Trade union the Irish Air Line Pilot’s Association said the majority of its Ryanair employed pilots in Ireland backed plans to strike on Wednesday December 20.

The Irish strike is likely to cause disruptions to flights during the busy Christmas period, with 360 pilots based in Dublin.

They join fellow pilots based in Italy, who plan to strike this Friday and German pilots who announced that a strike “can be expected at any time.”

They are all pushing for better working conditions.

THE Spanish Congress is set to debate whether to change the way the law considers animals.

The Partido Popular will bring forward a proposal to consider animals as living beings rather than things, in order to give them more rights.

A spokesperson said the reforms would be “similar to French and Portuguese” law that, among other things, will stop the ‘repossession’ of animals when debts need to be settled and ban extending mortgages using pets as capital.

He added that it would give animals “more protection” and also warned that it “implies more responsibilities for animal owners.”

 It would also introduce the right of custody in the event of divorce, where a judge would decide who would take care of their pet or even allow shared custody, “taking the animals wellbeing” into account.

The Parliamentary Association for the Defense of Animal Rights has encouraged all MP’s to vote in favour of this “historic step forward.”

KEITH CHEGWIN has died at the age of 60 after a long illness, his family has said.

The Cheggers Plays Pop host passed away at home having been ill with a progressive lung condition.

A statement from his family said: “We are heartbroken to share the news that Keith Chegwin sadly passed away following a long-term battle with a progressive lung condition, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which rapidly worsened towards the end of this year.”

"Keith died peacefully at home shortly after midnight on December 11. His wife Maria, his daughter Rose and his son Ted were by his side.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Severn Hospice for the kindness, support and care they have shown us all over the last few weeks.

"Keith was a loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. We would respectfully ask to be left to mourn his passing in private."

PROTESTERS at the Lleida Museum clashed with police as 44 pieces of artwork were controversially being transferred out of Cataluña.

According to reports the problems occurred when police attempted to clear space for the artworks to be moved to Aragon.

The Mossos d’Esquadra also reportedly did not allow the mayor of Sijena, Angel Ros, into the building and many are claiming the Spanish government are abusing their powers since activating Article 155 and seizing control of the region.

The pieces were bought by the Catalan government in 1983 for 10 million pesetas (roughly €150,000), however judges ruled the sale void and ordered their return.

SPANISH police have discovered a 12-year-old boy hidden inside a car dashboard.

The child was suffering with numb limbs and breathing difficulties after being crammed into the tiny space, to cross the Moroccan border into Spain.

Reportedly, he is from Guinea, West Africa - though he has no official documentation – and has been given treatment in a centre in Purisima.

The 65-year-old driver, thought to be Moroccan, was arrested by the Guardia Civil after a heartbeat sensor detected the boy in Melilla, Morocco.

Melilla is controlled by Spanish authorities. 

Police then began an intrusive search of the BMW X5, and ripped into the dashboard to find the child, who is reportedly from Guinea, West Africa.

People smuggling is a prominent issue in Spain, with 5, 695 people being released from slavery between 2012 and 2016, according to the Interior Ministry. 

A Guardia Civil spokesperson said: “He was asked to open his boot but nothing was found.

“When a heartbeat sensor was passed over the car, officers became suspicious. When officers detected the heartbeat, they took the expensive car to pieces.”

MALLORCA’S coast guard has been searching for a man who was swept out to sea when storm Ana hit the Balearics.

According to reports, the man was fishing in Santa Ponça when he was hit by a wave and fell into the sea yesterday afternoon (Sunday).

A coast guard helicopter and boat have been searching for the man despite bad conditions due to Storm Ana.

Local Police are also searching for him by land.

TWO flights were forced to land due to strong winds reaching up to 140kmh as storm Ana hits Spain.

A charter flight heading from Algiers to Peinador and a domestic flight from Madrid to Vigo were both forced to land in the Spanish capital after conditions became “extremely dangerous.”

Meanwhile northern Spain have had red weather alerts issued by state weather agency Aemet, whereas parts of Costa Blanca and Andalucia were issued with yellow alerts and warned to expect winds of between 90 and 100 kmh.

Tomorrow (Monday) will see most of the country placed on orange alert for strong winds and heavy rain.

BRITISH travellers who lose their passports abroad could miss their flights home as a new emergency replacement system is trialled.

Previously a person could get temporary papers within hours, but according to reports the Foreign Office has introduced a system where emergency applications are handled by officials in Poland and Spain instead of individual consulates.

The Foreign Office website now says “your emergency travel document will normally be ready in two working days.” The pilot scheme is intended to improve security measures according to an official spokesperson.

“They will also mean that we will be able to make decisions about a person’s eligibility for an emergency travel document in fewer places, safeguarding a secure UK border,” he said.

The data entry process and form approvals will be carried out centrally in Warsaw and Malaga, but the emergency passports will be printed at individual embassies and consulates.

Travellers are charged £100 (€113) to apply for the travel documents and must fill out a form on the UK government’s website and attend an appointment at their nearest embassy or consulate.

Proof of travel plans, a passport-quality photo and a police report if the passport has been stolen must be provided.


A SPANISH man has won damages from an NHS trust after a London hospital failed to tell him he had cancer.

Raul Guiu Gallardo, who came to the UK in 2000, was unaware that he had the condition for almost a decade.

In 2001 he was admitted to hospital to undergo surgery for what he thought was a bleeding stomach ulcer, but surgeons had removed a large gastrointestinal stromal tumour.

It wasn’t until November 2010 that Mr Gallardo was informed of his diagnosis, and the following year had further major surgery after the cancer had returned.

The NHS Trust said he was properly informed after surgery and the risk of recurrence and that any breach of duty occurred when he was a private patient after his operation and was not its responsibility.

A judge ruled that the trust had failed to carry out its duty to Mr Gallardo and awarded him £38,731 (€44,407) plus interest.

He said it was not out of place to say Mr Gallardo was “lost to the system,” and added that “there is no evidence at all that either he or his GP was appropriately advised of the need for future check-ups and CT scans.”

Mr Gallardo is now back in Spain but is awaiting further surgery in the near future.


A STORMCHASER has released incredible footage of a series of lightning storms.

Dustin Farrell spent 30 days following storms covering more than 30,000 kilometres in the USA to capture the images seen in the video.

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