GROUNDED: 20,000 Ryanair passengers face misery as French air traffic controllers strike

GROUNDED: 20,000 Ryanair  passengers face misery as French air traffic controllers strike GROUNDED: More than 20,000 Ryanair passengers will be affected by the French ATC strike

THE strike action by air traffic controllers in France today  (12 September) will cause misery for thousands of passengers across Europe as airlines cancel flights to avoid chaos in the skies and on the ground.

One of the main French air traffic controllers unions, the USAC CGT, is supporting the national call for strikes in France, both in public and private sector, by the major union, the  General Confederation of Labour (CGT), in opposition to new labour laws.

Low-cost airline Ryanair has announced the cancellation of flights affecting more than 20,000 and warn “ further flight delays and cancellations are likely”. (See the full list at the foot of this article.)

EasyJet, says: “Like all airlines, our flights to and from French airports, as well as those flying in French airspace, could be affected.

“We are doing everything possible to minimise the impact of the strike on our customers, and we advise that you allow plenty of extra time to get to the airport and consider alternative transport options where possible, as public transport services may be affected by the strike.”

British Airways has already cancelled 12 flights and say, “Other short-haul flights may also experience some disruption, given how many flights from numerous European airlines would normally use French airspace each day.” 

Ryanair’s marketing director, Kenny Jacobs, said, “Enough is enough. If the French Government is serious about changing France, they should start by tackling these air traffic control unions, and together with the European Commission, should take immediate action to prevent thousands of European consumers from having their travel plans disrupted by a tiny group of ATC unions going on strike once again.

“They cannot stand idly by as more disruption and travel misery is inflicted upon Europe’s consumers and airlines.”

The full list of Ryanair cancellations follows.  If your flight is cancelled you can apply for a refund or change your cancelled flight, subject to seat availability for free

Flight No.     Departure Airport      Arrival Airport

·       FR6341  Barcelona El Prat / Rome Fuimincino

·       FR3011  Madrid / Blagnac

·       FR6901  Girona / Charleroi

·       FR4231  Milan(Bergamo) / Paris Beauvais

·       FR6390  Dusseldorf Weeze / Girona

·       FR6374  Barcelona El Prat / Paris Beauvais

·       FR5446  Madrid / Marseille

·       FR9471  Pisa / Madrid

·       FR4566  Charleroi / Figari(Corsica)

·       FR5992  London Stansted / Madrid

·       FR6541  London Stansted / Marseille

·       FR3552  Fez / Blagnac

·       FR3256  London Luton / Nimes

·       FR5153  Marrakech / Marseille

·       FR2626  Manchester / Ibiza

·       FR8332  Milan(Bergamo) / Ibiza

·       FR3012  Blagnac / Madrid

·       FR7464  Porto / Tours

·       FR295    London Stansted / Blagnac

·       FR1984  Dublin T1 / Carcassonne

·       FR1202  London Stansted / Palma Mallorca

·       FR8776  London Stansted / Limoges

·       FR4232  Paris Beauvais / Milan(Bergamo)

·       FR6342  Rome Fuimincino / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR6902  Charleroi / Girona

·       FR8874  Pisa / Ibiza

·       FR936    London Stansted / Perpignan

·       FR6375  Paris Beauvais / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR6011  Marseille / Nador Int.

·       FR6391  Girona / Dusseldorf Weeze

·       FR1116  Dublin T1 / Reus

·       FR1516  Figari(Corsica) / Paris Beauvais

·       FR5943  Palma Mallorca / Bournemouth

·       FR8031  Wroclaw / Palma Mallorca

·       FR9472  Madrid / Pisa

·       FR3257  Nimes / London Luton

·       FR7041  Madrid / Cagliari

·       FR3441  Manchester / Palma Mallorca

·       FR3551  Blagnac / Fez

·       FR6003  Marseille / Brest

·       FR6418  Dusseldorf Weeze / Ibiza

·       FR1384  Charleroi / Perpignan

·       FR8333  Ibiza / Milan(Bergamo)

·       FR2326  Leeds Bradford / Palma Mallorca

·       FR296    Blagnac / London Stansted

·       FR7709  Tours / Marseille

·       FR5991  Madrid / London Stansted

·       FR9388  East Midlands / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR8777  Limoges / London Stansted

·       FR6218  Dusseldorf Weeze / Palma Mallorca

·       FR9045  Barcelona El Prat / London Stansted

·       FR7236  Paris Beauvais / Zaragosa

·       FR6005  Marseille / Lille

·       FR1982  Dublin T1 / Biarritz

·       FR1985  Carcassonne / Dublin T1

·       FR9866  Frankfurt-Hahn / Palma Mallorca

·       FR2627  Ibiza / Manchester

·       FR110    Berlin / Palma Mallorca

·       FR9111  Barcelona El Prat / Turin

·       FR937    Perpignan / London Stansted

·       FR8023  Charleroi / Carcassonne

·       FR2105  Charleroi / Blagnac

·       FR9325  Pisa / Valencia

·       FR9241  Girona / Pisa

·       FR2834  Barcelona El Prat / Charleroi

·       FR6012  Nador Int. / Marseille

·       FR1203  Palma Mallorca / London Stansted

·       FR5331  Charleroi / Biarritz

·       FR1515  Paris Beauvais / Figari(Corsica)

·       FR8875  Ibiza / Pisa

·       FR6305  Barcelona El Prat / Milan(Bergamo)

·       FR6456  Charleroi / Ibiza

·       FR7042  Cagliari / Madrid

·       FR1115  Reus / Dublin T1

·       FR6911  Girona / Maastrict

·       FR7708  Marseille / Tours

·       FR6004  Brest / Marseille

·       FR5942  Bournemouth / Palma Mallorca

·       FR1385  Perpignan / Charleroi

·       FR1782  London Stansted / Bordeaux

·       FR6006  Lille / Marseille

·       FR8032  Palma Mallorca / Wroclaw

·       FR7235  Zaragosa / Paris Beauvais

·       FR3442  Palma Mallorca / Manchester

·       FR8592  London Stansted / Bergerac

·       FR6419  Ibiza / Dusseldorf Weeze

·       FR8336  Bristol / Reus

·       FR9242  Pisa / Girona

·       FR9387  Barcelona El Prat / East Midlands

·       FR2106  Blagnac / Charleroi

·       FR9112  Turin / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR1983  Biarritz / Dublin T1

·       FR8024  Carcassonne / Charleroi

·       FR6219  Palma Mallorca / Dusseldorf Weese

·       FR2327  Palma Mallorca / Leeds Bradford

·       FR9044  London Stansted / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR5332  Biarritz / Charleroi

·       FR9326  Valencia / Pisa

·       FR7465  Tours / Porto

·       FR5447  Marseille / Madrid

·       FR4567  Figari(Corsica) / Charleroi

·       FR2835  Charleroi / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR6304  Milan(Bergamo) / Barcelona El Prat

·       FR9867  Palma Mallorca / Frankfurt-Hahn

·       FR6542  Marseille / London Stansted

·       FR111    Palma Mallorca / Berlin

·       FR6912  Maastrict / Girona

·       FR1783  Bordeaux / London Stansted

·       FR5152  Marseille / Marrakech

·       FR6457  Ibiza      Charleroi

·       FR8593  Bergerac / London Stansted

·      FR8337  Reus / Bristol

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