Matt Ford

Matt Ford

THE husband of a mother-of-two whose body was found on a Costa del Sol beach has been held in connection with an alleged boiler room fraud.

Essex-born Paul Muldoon, 33, was arrested by Spanish police over the scam, which reportedly involved convincing pensioners to invest in a shady rare metals scheme.

A body which washed up on a Marbella beach on Sunday is believed to be that of his wife Rebecca, 35, who vanished on January 2.

Mr Muldoon was first taken into custody a day earlier after neighbours reported shouting and screaming coming from the couple’s penthouse apartment in the Vigil de Quiñones neighbourhood.

But he was released after his wife failed to attend a hearing, with investigators confirming that he was in jail when she went missing.

The court was unaware that Mr Muldoon was on the UK’s most wanted list, and he had been on the run since last April.

He turned himself in after being advised that a European Arrest Warrant had been issued in his name and now faces extradition.

His name was added to the Crimestoppers website since after he ignored a court summons relating to the boiler room scam in which he and a gang of accomplices tricked elderly people into investing in rare metal compounds used for LED lights and lasers.

He allegedly skipped bail in 2013 during a probe by Surrey police after an 83-year-old widow claimed she had been duped out of €264,000.

A post mortem examination will confirm the cause of Rebecca’s death after her body was found by a female jogger on Oasis beach 12 days after she disappeared.

Local media report that although detectives are still awaiting the results of forensic tests to confirm her identity, they recognised her from photos and her clothing.

A search was launched after a neighbour spotted her two children, aged 8 and 11, alone on the roof of their home.

And a Spanish police official said that initial findings suggest that she may have committed suicide.

Originally from Southend-on-Sea, she is believed to have married Mr Muldoon in the United States several years ago before settling in southern Spain.

Her children are back in the UK after family flew out from Essex to collect them.

A SHEPHERD is being quizzed over the deaths of 15 griffon vultures.

The birds of prey were killed in the Sierra de Zafarraya mountains in Granada Province.

A probe was launched after a Forest Guard officer found the animals struggling and unable to fly, and they died soon after.

Post mortem examinations revealed that they had been poisoned with a highly toxic pesticide, which they had probably ingested via pieces of baited mutton.

And investigators now believe they have identified the culprit.

Regional environment chief Jose Fiscal said at the time that it is shocking that “incidents like this still happen,” adding that “whoever did this is an environmental terrorist trying to harm nature by waging war against our fauna.”

The griffon, like other vultures, feeds almost exclusively on carrion – dead animals – and is not a threat to livestock.

There are around 30,000 pairs left in the wild, with an estimated 17,500 in Spain.

A BRITISH driver who killed a three-year-old boy on the Costa del Sol has tested positive for cocaine.

The news comes after the investigators yesterday submitted their initial report to a Marbella court.

Their findings reveal that the accident did not take place in the car park of the Casa Russia shopping centre in San Pedro de Alcantara, but in that of the Azalea Beach complex next door.

The 24-year-old English holidaymaker, who has not been named, was at the wheel of a Hyundai Tucson which was also occupied by three of his friends.

They had pulled into the car park after one of them lost a baseball cap through an open window.

After retrieving the cap, the driver began to reverse and ran over the child, who had just stepped out of his grandmother’s parked vehicle.

Medics were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

After testing negative for alcohol, a blood test has revealed that the motorist had taken cocaine between 24 and 48 hours before the incident.

Detectives are now probing exactly when he ingested the drug and whether it may have affected his ability to drive.

A PROBE has been launched after a prisoner declared dead by a trio of doctors woke up inside a mortuary in northern Spain.

It comes after an inmate named as Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez was found sitting unconscious in a chair at the Villabona prison, Asturias.

Prison medics were unable to find a pulse leading two of them to pronounce him dead, before a third doctor sent by a court confirmed their diagnosis.

The man’s loved ones were even informed of his death.

His body was sent to a hospital mortuary in Oviedo and reportedly marked in preparation for a post-mortem examination before forensic scientists heard noises coming from his body bag.

He was transferred to the Central University Hospital of Asturias where he remains in intensive care under watch by the Guardia Civil.

Hospital officials told Spanish media that they suspect the bizarre incident to be a case of catalepsy, a condition which causes a person’s vital signs to slow down and their posture to become rigid.

A PROBE has been launched after it was confirmed that the driver of the car which killed a three-year-old boy on the Costa del Sol was British.

Emergency services have confirmed that the French victim was a member of the local Jewish community and that the incident is reportedly being treated as accidental.

It comes after police said that the occupants of the vehicle were four British holidaymakers aged between 20 and 24.

They had stopped in the car park of the Casa Russia shopping centre in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella, to pick up a baseball cap that had blown out of an open window as they drove through the El Embrujo housing estate.

And as they moved to leave their car struck the child, who had just been let out of a parked vehicle by his grandmother.

Paramedics were unable to do anything to save him after arriving at the scene.

The driver of the car was breathalysed but had not been drinking alcohol, while a local magistrate will decide whether criminal charges should be pressed following an investigation.

The incident has been misreported in the UK national press, with several media outlets stating that the victim was a girl.

But, speaking exclusively with the Euro Weekly News, an official from the 061 emergency service confirmed that the child was a boy.

A MAN who opened fire with a submachine gun in a Costa del Sol strip club has been held in Norway.

The 30-year-old Dutch suspect was arrested in capital city Oslo after a European Arrest Warrant was issued in his name.

He was reportedly living under a false name using a forged Dutch passport, and had burned the tips of his fingers to further conceal his identity.

It comes in the wake of a violent incident at a Marbella nightspot last September which saw the fugitive beaten up by four men.

He managed to escape but returned an hour later wearing a hood before producing the gun and firing at his assailants, one of who returned fire with a pistol he had managed to sneak through security with the help of a member of staff.

Five people were wounded during the shootout, with four hit by bullets.

Six people were held at the club after police swooped on the scene, but the Dutchman fled in a car and has been on the run ever since.

The vehicle – which had been rented under a false name – was found abandoned and completely burned out a day later.

Among those held at the time were a 30-year-old Frenchman from Marseille wanted by authorities in his home country for homicide and weapons trafficking.

During subsequent raids on three homes investigators seized guns, ammunition, six high-end cars, a series of false vehicle license plates, €12,660 in cash, and 21 mobile phones.

A DEADLY wave has claimed the lives of a couple in Mutriku, Basque Country.

Diego Verdejo Lopez, 67, and Loli Kintana Martinez, 65, had ventured onto a breakwater to look at the impressive five-metre breakers sweeping in off the Bay of Biscay when they were swallowed by what onlookers described as “a huge wave.”

Visiting the coast from the inland town of Vitoria, they had been romantically involved for around a year after earlier losing their long-term partners.

According to eyewitness accounts, the pair were seen parking their car and walking onto the breakwater - which was not cordoned off and forms part of a wave energy converter - when an unexpectedly large wave swept them into the raging sea.

Three people who were on the beach at the time rushed to their aid.

Mr Lopez was already dead, having drowned before they reached him, but Ms Martinez managed to briefly grab a rope they threw towards her.

But the force of the water caused it to snap and she was killed after being repeatedly dashed against the brick structure.

One of the would-be rescuers even dived into the water to try and help her and had to be rescued by fire fighters after they arrived at the scene.

Mr Lopez’ body had by this point already washed up on the beach, while that of his partner was eventually pulled from the sea.

TRAGIC: This shocking sequence of images from social media captures the moment that the victims were swept off the breakwater ©Facebook

ola1-kmMF--624x385@Diario Vasco.jpg

ola2-kmMF--624x385@Diario Vasco.jpg

ola3-kmMF--624x385@Diario Vasco.jpg

A fire brigade official later said: “When we saw that the woman was already dead we decided not to enter the water as the conditions were so difficult.”

A distraught family member told Spanish media he could not believe how they “failed to see the danger.”

The town council has in the wake of the incident announced that the breakwater will in future be closed whenever a dangerous weather warning is in place.

The deaths come as Storm Eleanor battered northern Spain, bringing rain, snow, high winds and dangerous sea swells after orange warnings for dangerous conditions were put in place by national weather office AEMET.

Much of northern Spain will remain under yellow or orange weather alerts over the weekend as string winds and rain continue to buffet the area.


WARNINGS: An AEMET map showing the weather warnings in place for Saturday ©AEMET

HUNDREDS of friends and family gathered to celebrate the life of legendary international performer Bunny Lane.

It comes after the beloved comedian and actor - real name Barry Lane Hickey - last week died aged 75.

Many of the attendees, including Bunny’s husband and partner of 32 years Phil, his sister Patricia and brother-in-law Gerry, assembled outside the former Bunny’s Bar prior to today’s service.

And as the funeral cortege moved down the hill to the Virgen del Carmen church onlookers could be heard applauding from nearby terraces.

The emotional but upbeat service, featuring a eulogy from retired cabaret artist and friend Iain Maxstead, culminated in a standing ovation as Petula Clark’s The Show is Over played to spark smiles and tears throughout the crowd.

See the January 11 issue of the Euro Weekly News for more on Bunny’s funeral, including photos and quotes from those close to him.

THREE people have been held after the Guardia Civil swooped to rescue 38 starving dogs.

The raid comes in the wake of a probe sparked when a concerned Benajarafe resident reported a suspected case of animal cruelty.

Investigators visited the supplied address and found an eight-year-old German Shepherd suffering from malnutrition plus a series of infected wounds.

The dog was infested with parasites including ticks, maggots and worms and was lying in its own excretement.

Having quizzed the owner it transpired that the animal had been ill for at least 15 days and had not received any veterinary treatment.

It was taken to a nearby animal shelter and put down.

Meanwhile a separate investigation led detectives to a Torrox farmhouse housing 30 dogs of several breeds being kept in unhygienic conditions and showing signs of abandonment.

An additional seven dogs - five of which were being kept in two small enclosures in which the ground was covered in excretement - were found on a second farm in Torrox.

The other two were loose on the property but all were suffering from severe malnutrition, and one appeared to have had part of a leg amputated in a non-surgical procedure.


THE much-loved Costa del Sol entertainer and drag queen Bunny Lane this morning died of unconfirmed causes.

Hailing from Harrow in London, the international cabaret star and legendary drag queen was famed for running Bunny's Bar in Bonanza Square, Benalmadena which attracted huge crowds in its heyday.

He had been retired for several years but his double act shows with KT Peters are still talked about.

He moved to Australia after the bar closed down in 2008 but later returned to southern Spain.

• UPDATE: Bunny Lane funeral will 'celebrate the life' of the international cabaret star



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