John Smith

John Smith

ARGUABLY the best football manager that England never had, celebrated wheeler-dealer Harry Redknapp was guest of honour at a recent Costa del Sol charity evening.

He kindly agreed to speak to the Euro Weekly News about his life in football and his commitment to support charity whenever he can.

He and his wife Sandra used to keep a holiday property in Estepona which is how they first got to know Sandro Morelli, owner of the Villa Tiberio restaurant, and he was delighted to come over to support his friend in raising funds for Cudeca Hospice and the Red Cross.

Unfortunately, Sandra was unable to accompany him on this lightning visit which saw Harry return to the UK on Monday as she has just had an operation to remove a disc from her spine.

It was in the lap of the gods as to whether Harry would be able to come to Spain for the charity evening, but happily Sandra is now on the mend and he was able to make it.

Harry Redknapp is a genuinely charming and cheerful man who has been an incredibly successful manager after retiring as a player in 1979 before going on to manage over 1,000 games.

When asked whether he had one particular football success of which he was particularly proud, he explained “I have enjoyed all of my time in football.

I took Bournemouth up from the fourth division, brought on a number of great international players whilst managing West Ham and had the pleasure of winning the FA Cup against the odds at Portsmouth.

“Then with Spurs I had a great time with some super players who are still doing well in the Premier Division.”

When asked if he felt any bitterness about the way in which managers are treated and can be sacked almost at a moment’s notice, he was remarkably sanguine, “It’s something we know and understand and having been involved in more than 1,500 matches as a manager, I consider it to be part of the job.”

At the age of 70, he doesn’t expect to return to high profile full time management although he does still give some advice to Yeovil Town and was for a short period of time the caretaker manager of the Jordan national team.

In a recent interview conducted by this writer with currently injured Birmingham City goalkeeper, David Stockdale who was Harry’s first purchase for the ‘Blues,’ the footballer said that he had nothing but praise for his management style but accepted that this was the way that football worked nowadays and success was everything.

Working occasionally with his son Mark, Harry is involved in building both social and commercial housing in the Dorset area and he is currently happy with his life in the exclusive area of Sandbanks (Poole) as he has little direct contact with those in the current world of football, preferring instead to enjoy life with Sandra and helping to raise funds for the Southampton-based charity Leukaemia Busters.

Harry Redknapp is a charming and pleasant man who has enjoyed some 50 years in football and has achieved a great deal in his long career.

MISS GIBRALTAR 2017, Jodie Garcia, has arrived in China to participate in the Miss World Pageant being held in the Chinese city of Sanya.

The 120 contestants will be involved in a full schedule of activities, receptions, official ceremonies, filming and touring the City.

Jodie took part in the 67th Miss World Opening Ceremony which was held in Huangshan at the beautiful Yellow Mountain which is one of the most famous mountains in China and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Details of Jodie’s exciting and schedule are regularly updated on her Facebook Pages Miss Gibraltar and 'Miss World – Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation will be broadcasting the Miss World Pageant Final live on Saturday week, November 18 at 1pm.

IT has been a high old time for the Guardia Civil in Malaga Province as they have arrested 47 people and discovered more than 4,000 marijuana plants in a series of raids.

23 people were arrested in Alhaurin el Grande with the discovery of 1,672 plants and 20 kilos of buds following several months of investigation.

Then, following reports from local residents of a strong smell of marijuana from supposedly uninhabited properties, 16 people in the areas of Alora, Pizarra and Ardales were arrested with the seizure of 347 plants and 23 kilos of buds.

Moving on to Coin, officers, working with the Local Police found an indoor plantation in a warehouse which led to the arrest of a further five individuals, the confiscation of 630 plants and the dismantling of equipment needed to force grow the marijuana plants.

During this action, the officers discovered that the alleged crooks had connected the warehouse illegally to the local grid and were stealing the electricity needed to grow the plants.

Finally, officers from Ronda working on a separate investigation arrested two Dutchmen and one Briton who were cultivating 1,364 plants in Colmenar-Estación de Gaucín.

Also found on this property were 2.6 kilos of buds as well equipment used in the packaging and sale of marijuana and a vehicle which they were believed to have used to transport drugs.

A SENIOR Chinese delegation led by the Chinese Embassy’s Minister Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs, Mr Jin Xu visited the World Trade Center (WTC) Gibraltar today (Friday)

Senior representatives from the Chinese Embassy to the UK, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the Department of Commerce for Hunan Province also attended.

They were joined by an official from China’s largest commercial property company, the Wanda Group, the world’s largest development finance institution, China Development Bank and Asia’s largest reinsurer, China Re.

The delegation was accompanied by member of the government, Minister and former Chief Minister Joe Bossano together with senior civil servants from the Chief Minister’s office and Gibraltar’s Hong Kong Office.

After opening in February of this year as the largest Grade A office building in Gibraltar, much of the discussion revolved around the need for an extended World Trade Center Campus to accommodate the economic growth aspirations of Gibraltar. 

WHEN a Guardia Civil patrol boat spotted a motorboat off the coast of Tarifa, they decided to investigate and then saw the two occupants throwing bundles into the water.

After stopping the boat and apprehending the occupants, officers found that they had not managed to dispose of all of the suspect bundles and discovered that those on board contained hashish.

They also managed to recover six packages from the water and in total seized 24 bales weighing 850 kilos.

The two Spanish occupants of the boat were arrested and the boat together with the drugs were seized.

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil in Jaen Province have broken up a gang which specialised in obtaining and then selling archaeological relics illegally.

The investigation started when officers discovered that an individual had possession of a number of early Roman and Iberian items including a Roman bracelet and various sheets of lead engraved with Iberian and Latin inscriptions.

These items were examined by experts who confirmed that the pieces were both valuable and of historical importance and a careful observation was made of the movements of this first suspect.

It transpired that six people – who were later arrested - were involved in obtaining archaeological finds through three different methods.

Firstly, using metal detectors they illegally entered historic sites and searched for buried artefacts, secondly, they purchased historic items from other gangs and thirdly they dealt with agricultural workers who had unearthed finds but didn’t know their worth.

In the third case they took the items away promising to sell them but if they were of no value they returned them to the finder whilst if they were of value, they simply said that they had been seized by the Guardia Civil.

If the owners of the ‘seized pieces’ complained, they made counterfeits or substituted similar yet worthless pieces.

Following the arrest of those involved, officers discovered large numbers of coins, rings, ceramics and other relics as well as metal detectors and catalogues to allow them to price the objects before selling them on the internet, at fairs or to collectors directly.

PALEONTOLOGISTS working at a dig near to Madrid have discovered an almost complete fossil of what is a European ancestor of the giraffe.

Believed to have lived about nine million years ago, this and three other less complete fossils are part of the Decennatherium rex species which stood about three metres tall.

The discovery is important as it adds considerably to scientific knowledge of the evolution of the giraffe and as fossils of both male and females were found, there is also an opportunity to learn more about this extinct European species.

Although most people consider that the length of the neck is the most distinguishable feature of the giraffe, the bones on the head are equally important and in the case of this new fossil it could be seen that there are two pairs of ‘horns’ rather than the one pair appearing on the modern giraffe.

The discovery which was revealed in the scientific journal PLOS One was made by a team led by Dr Maria Rios and her team from the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales-CSIC in Madrid.

HALLOWEEN came early for a troop of macaques who emigrated from Gibraltar to Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland  in 2014.

Getting ready for a special Halloween weekend prior to closure for the winter, the management of the Blair Drummond Park placed pumpkin heads throughout the park and in the case of macaques, they made sure that the 28 monkeys were kept interested as their favourite nuts were placed inside the pumpkin heads.

The only problem was that the macaques were so intrigued by these additions to their environment that they kept trying to run away with them.

The monkeys breed at quite a considerable rate and only a certain number can be accommodated on the Rock, so it is not uncommon for groups of this endangered species to be sent to zoos and safari parks around Europe.

RARE, incurable conditions are often overlooked by medical research in favour of those diseases which claim large numbers of victims.

It is not a matter of health specialists being uncaring but there is only so much money available although now some of it will be spent on studying Butterfly Skin (Epidermolysis bullosa) which affects children giving them extremely fragile skin which blisters and bleeds.

Even the simplest of activities can be extremely painful and the children often have to be heavily bandaged and cannot live a normal life of rough and tumble.

Little is known about the cause or treatment of the disease but parents of sufferers are delighted that the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has sanctioned the La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Sant Joan de Déu-Clinic Hospital, Barcelona in collaboration with the Provincial Hospital Clinic of Barcelona to introduce the first Reference Centres for Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) in Spain.

A Reference Centre is a health centre that dedicates its work fundamentally to the care of certain recognised conditions and has the mission of providing multidisciplinary team care.

This news means that there will be more help and assistance for those affected with Butterfly Skin in Spain and there is the possibility that new treatments and even a cure may be found in time.

 An official ceremony at the La Paz Children's Hospital in Madrid formally announced this news in the presence of health specialists, Princess Elena of Spain, Nieves Montero an architect from Marbella who is President of the Spanish Association of EB Debra-Butterfly Children Charity alongside sufferers and their families.

Princess Elena in her role as project Director of the Mapfre Foundation has been collaborating with the charity via the ‘Donate a Euro’ campaign involving more than 4,600 employees of Mapfre to help raise much needed funds.

It is believed that the establishment of these reference centres will not only help to highlight the needs of the children but will also lead in the long term to an extension of knowledge in how to treat the condition and bring some relief to those who suffer from its awful effects.

THE British Consul in Malaga, Charmaine Arbouin unveiled a new website aimed at the over 50s in Spain before an invited audience yesterday.

Speaking at the council offices in La Cala de Mijas, she explained that the concept of this new site in English and Spanish is to point elderly expatriate residents in the Costa del Sol and Malaga towards a range of services that they may not be aware of.

It had been recognised for some time that there are a huge range of resources offered by charities and the Spanish authorities for those in need of advice and help but someone needed to put all of the information together.

The British Consulate in Malaga took the lead in promoting the concept and obtained assistance from Dr Kelly Hall a specialist in Social Policy from the University of Birmingham and local marketing expert Neil Hesketh.

As ever, funding was an immediate problem but Dr Hall was able to use the University to tap into funds from the Economic and Social Research Council to turn the dream into reality.

Contact was made with voluntary groups across what was described on Tuesday as a city that is 100 miles wide and just a few miles deep so that as much information about assistance from San Roque to towns in Axarquia could be logged.

Information received from those groups together with details from Spanish resources including government and local councils were combined in order to produce this helpful and easy to use online directory aimed at British and other expatriates aged 50 or over who are resident in Spain.

As Charmaine explained, the British Consulate in Malaga can assist in replacing a lost or stolen passport (indeed they are now trialing an online emergency replacement option at but it is far more difficult to help in times of personal crisis.

This is where this new site could be invaluable as it gives clear and easy to follow advice of where to go for assistance no matter what the problem may be and because it is also produced in Spanish, those who can’t speak the language can demonstrate to neighbours or the authorities the assistance they are seeking.

Thanks to the fact that this is part of a much wider project, connected with research into Muslim and Polish communities in Britain and the possible effect on them caused by Brexit, funds were made available which allowed for the entire site to be translated into Spanish.

Representatives of many charities and organisations involved in assisting older people attended the launch alongside Council representatives from Benalmadena, Manilva and Mijas.

As a number of the target audience are not completely computer savvy, the site has been made as simple as possible with direct links whenever available to each organisation appearing on the site.

Those directly working with the elderly will also be able to print out the contents of the site for people without computers and many will be distributing a useful flyer which explains the concept of the site.

This is without doubt a very useful and impressive option for those who don’t know exactly how to proceed to obtain help and assistance and it is hoped that it will eventually be extended to other parts of the country.

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