A bunny is the best pet

By Eleanor Hawkins August 29, 2016 0

IF you want a pet (or the children are nagging) but really don’t want to have to be out walking a dog at all hours or live in a small apartment, maybe it’s time to think about getting a rabbit.

Bunnies have many advantages over more common pets and are relatively cheap and easy to care for in comparison.

You don’t have to worry about upsetting neighbours as they hardly make any noise, and are generally clean animals who can even be trained to use a litterbox with some patience and positive reinforcement.

Far from being just a ball of fur in a cage, rabbits have a lot of personality and character. Some can be shy, others charming, affectionate and very interactive and playful.

Twice I’ve owned rabbits, both of whom could hear a penguin biscuit wrapper opening from the other end of the house and would mug you for a bit if necessary, and our current bunny plays football with my daughter and dances with me! 

They don’t take long to form bonds and recognise voices and smell and will often follow owners from room to room and jump up on a lap for a cuddle.

They are most happy allowed the run of the house but if this isn’t possible, can usually do well in a smallish cage as long as they have room to stretch out and are let out for exercise for a few hours every day. They can be trained not to chew furniture, a common worry, however wires and cables must be kept out of reach.

Lastly, pet rabbits can live a considerable amount of time. Whereas hamsters, gerbils, etc. tend to last a year or two at the most, a well-kept indoor rabbit is likely to be with you for eight to 10 years.

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