Friday, 26 May 2017

Brexit - Live

Gibraltar accepts the call to vote in the referendum

23-06-2016 19:00

HAVING been feted by high profile conservative politicians and visited by news crews from around the world, as well as the odd Spanish irritant, the people of Gibraltar were more than ready to turn out in their thousands in order to vote in the Brexit referendum. All leaders of the local... Read more!

Have the French unions helped to push the Brexit vote either way?

23-06-2016 18:17

THE decision by French Air Traffic controllers to strike once again on June 23 has had a possibly unforeseen effect upon the referendum vote as it appears that a number of potential voters are stymied because their flights have been cancelled and they won’t be able to get back to... Read more!

Jenny Watson will hold the future of Britain and perhaps Europe in her hands tomorrow

23-06-2016 16:44

AS THE votes are counted around the United Kingdom and Gibraltar, so the details will be transmitted to the Electoral Commission and at about 8am on Friday June 24, Jenny Watson chairman of the Electoral Commission and the referendum’s chief counting officer at Manchester Town Hall - although no physical... Read more!

Pound is holding strong against the Euro

23-06-2016 15:52

DESPITE the apparent closeness of the polls and the protestations of Brexiters and Bremainers, two areas which might give some hint as to how gamblers are feeling are the exchange rates where sterling has bounced right back and has just about broken €1.30 and bookmakers who still seem to be... Read more!

The die is almost cast as Britain goes to the polls

23-06-2016 13:40

46,499,537 people are actually able to vote in this, the third referendum ever held across the United Kingdom. The first referendum approved the final application to join what is now the European Union, the second rejected any changes in the way in which the British vote for MPs and now... Read more!

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