Jay Emeny

Jay Emeny

SPAIN’S railway workers are going on strike on Friday (July 28), one of the busiest days of the year, as millions begin their summer holidays.

The last Friday of July is traditionally the start of the holidays for many Spaniards, bringing with it traffic jams heading towards the coast, and now chaos at train stations.

Renfe has cancelled 274 trains as the strike is scheduled to last from midnight on Thursday until 11pm on Friday.

The long distance train service has promised to run a minimum service of 77 per cent while regional routes will only operate at 65 per cent service.

Cercanias routes are expecting to run at 75 per cent during rush hours but only 50 per cent of trains will run the rest of the day.

The Ministry of Transport has published details of the expected services on Friday (in Spanish).

The CGT trade union said they called the strike after negotiations broke down between the union and Renfe and Adif.

In a public statement, CGT said: “The reasons that have led us to call this strike are not new, but the result of continued lack of response to collective fears over the uncertain future of the railways as a public service." 

BRITISH golfing ace Oliver Strang is getting ready for tournaments around the world.

Caceres-based Oliver began playing golf with his father, Christopher, when he was just three-years-old and quickly got the hang of the sport, and soon after joined the Michael Campbell Golf Academy near Puerto Banus, Marbella.

There his coach, Phillip Tanham, honed Oliver’s skills and he began to win junior tournaments, including finishing top in his age group for the Wee Wonders competition, which has qualified him for the St Andrews Tournament in August, and the most recent Chinnydipper competition with -1 par.

Thanks in part to his sponsors, Chinnydipper, Sam Oliver, ClubFace-Golf, J Kellett Foods and Diamonds & Pearls Events Management, Oliver will also be able take part in the American Golf Junior Championship in England in August, as well as the Paul Mcguinty Trophy in Portugal, the US Kids Golf tournament in Wales, Spain’s Chinnydipper Pro Tour and the St Andrews Wee Wonders Grand Final in Scotland.

After a hectic August schedule, the aspiring pro golfer hopes to also to take part in the Venice Tour in Italy in September and, should he qualify, a tournament in America in the beginning of 2018.

The youngster dreams of becoming world number one and playing in the Masters Tournament.

Christopher Strang told the Euro Weekly News: “He is a busy boy, his coach is amazed with how good he is.

“He has the drive to be the best and loves the game.”

Christopher also recommends any parents with children interested in golf enrol them into academies like the Michael Campbell Golf Academy so that they can learn “discipline, sportsmanship and enjoyment in the game of golf.”

Oliver has a Facebook page, Oliver Strang - road to the Masters, where videos of him training attract thousands of views and a large number of supporters in his dream. Everyone at the EWN Media Group wishes Oliver the best of luck on his road to the Masters!

PARENTS were left outraged as a couple began to have sexual relations on a beach in front of their children in Marbella.

The family were walking along the beach heading towards Cabopino when they decided to let their kids play in the sea.

It was then that couple walked into the sea on the nudist beach, and began to engage in sexual activity just metres away from their children.

The family claimed they told them to stop but the pair paid no attention and carried on.

Images of the acts have caused a frenzy on social media, with many sharing the sentiments of outrage but some questioned why the family went to a nudist beach in the first place.

SPAIN’S Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy denies having any knowledge of irregular funding going into the Partido Popular as he gave evidence at the Gürtel corruption case.

“I’ve never dealt with economic issues within the party,” he said.

Rajoy also denies that any members of his party received an extra wage from a secret bank account.

“That is absolutely false. We all earn a members wage and many also had bonuses given to them by the party, which were all declared,” he said.

The Prime Minister sat on a raised platform next to judges rather than in front of them due to him being an important elected official. Commentators have suggested that due to this special treatment, Rajoy did not seem to grasp the seriousness of the case as some of his responses to questions could be seen as disrespectful.

In one instance, when questioned on sums of money allegedly given to the PP by Francisco Correa, the Prime Minister responded “are you sure you have the right witness?” to which a lawyer responded “I think he’s mistaken what his role is in this case,” prompting one of the judges to warn both men on their conduct.

This however did not seem to work, as Rajoy seemed to mock other questions posed, in one answer he said “let me explain it in a way I’m sure you can understand.”

When questioned about text messages he sent to former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas, the Prime Minister simply said “I tend to respond to people who send me messages.

“I could have used any response, they meant nothing.”

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has criticised Mariano Rajoy and said “Spain doesn’t deserve this disgrace. We have to get him out of the Government.”

PSOE’s Pedro Sanchez also heavily criticised the Prime Minister calling for him to resign and called it “a black day in the history of our democracy.”

A MAN has been arrested in Alicante after being caught on CCTV stealing a jamon (ham) leg.

His ‘ingenious’ method of stuffing the product in his clothes has allegedly allowed him to make off with 22 legs of jamon and 30 bottles of alcohol, a total haul worth about €6,000.








A MAN has attacked policemen with a knife at the border between Melilla and Morocco.

The assault took place at 7.45 am this morning (July 25) and the man, believed to be between 20 and 30 was arrested at the scene.

One officer sustained minor injuries in the struggle to his finger and hand for which he received treatment.

An investigation has been launched and a “terrorist motive” has not been ruled out as the man had been involved in a similar incident “a few days previously” but on that occasion did not carry a weapon.

Footage captured on CCTV shows the police apprehending the man:

MONEY-SAVING holidaymakers are making their toddlers drag suitcases on-board planes to escape baggage fees, according to Ryanair.

Fewer passengers than ever are checking bags into the hold and are instead avoiding charges by bringing more hand luggage into the cabin. Just one passenger in six now pays to check in luggage on Ryanair.

Ryanair’s chief financial officer, Neil Sorahan, said the airline is considering a review of its second bag allowance as passengers were starting to “take the piss.”

“I’ve seen two-year-olds wheeling a bag up to the plane as people try to take advantage,” he said.

However with prices of up to £90 (€100) for a 20 kg bag – sometimes costing more than the flight ticket itself – it is understandable that even families with two-year-olds, who like adults are entitled to bring a 10 kg suitcase and a second small bag on free, would have all members bring hand luggage into the cabin.

Ryanair admits that takings were falling as a result of this, but that didn’t stop the airline from making a €443 million profit in the last three months.

Sorahan said: “We’re very generous with our cabin baggage allowance; a 10kg case and a second small carry-on. If everyone does that there’s no issue. It’s the people coming with the kitchen sink that could change the policy.”

“The vast majority of people play by the rules but some don’t. Unfortunately some bring massive backpacks and things that don’t fit under the seat. We’ve been a little bit lax or nice – we are victims of our own niceness,” he added.

Ryanair passengers who do bring oversized baggage for the cabin risk being charged £50 (€55) to put them in the hold.

QUEEN LETIZIA visited Malaga for the Cervantes Institute annual meeting.

The monarch also sat in a lengthy debate over the “cultural clash project” that the institute hopes to host.

Queen Letizia will then, later this week, join her family in Palma, Mallorca for their usual summer vacation

THE Balearic Parliament has approved a law for bull runs which prohibits the killing of the animal during the spectacle.

Strict regulations will be brought into place for bull runs, where the animal cannot be harmed in any way, alcohol cannot be sold, those under-18 cannot attend and flags cannot be used.

Runs are also limited to 10 minutes per bull, and 30 minutes total.

Blood doping for both professionals and the animals has also been prohibited, and the bulls must spend 48 hours in a pen – rather than a small compartment where they are kept in the dark before a run – and taken directly to the starting point of the run.

The new law has faced harsh criticism, with some calling the law “unenforceable” and unconstitutional.

Ciudadanos spokesman Xavier Pericay has also gone as far as to call the changes “traitorous” by attempting to “ban a culture without people realising.” 

EIGHT people have been injured in an explosion in an Alicante port.

A three-year-old boy and a 40-year-old woman suffered serious burns and were taken to the burn unit in Alicante General Hospital on Sunday late afternoon (July 24).

The woman has burns in around 60 per cent of her body while the young boy has serious burns on his right arm according to officials.

The other five were also taken to hospital, but for minor injuries.

The Guardia Civil are investigating the exact cause of the blast at the Santa Pola port. Initial theories point to an accumulation of flammable gas which was ignited when the boat´s engine was started.

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