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John Smith

AFTER Lufthansa pulled out of a rescue attempt yesterday (Wednesday) due to EU Commission opposition, Nike Airlines filed for bankruptcy today.

All flights were suspended leaving an estimated 5,000 passengers stranded without flights although the airline website told passengers who had booked with tour operators to contact them for assistance whilst listing five ‘friendly’ airlines who may assist in returning passengers to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The airline which was part of the Air Berlin group (also in liquidation) has 20 aircraft and flew across much of Europe with seven destinations in Spain including Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.

The original founder of the low cost Austrian airline - which he sold in 2011 -  former F1 racing driver Niki Lauda has reportedly shown an interest in making a bid for it.

FOREIGN MINISTER Alfonso Dastis met with representatives of associations of British and Spanish citizens in Madrid yesterday (Wednesday).

They are all worried about the possible problems of Brexit as they may affect Spaniards in Britain and Britons in Spain.

The groups were The3million, Spaniards in the UK - Surviving Brexit and British in Europe EuroCitizens all of whom look for the Spanish government to safeguard their positions following Brexit.

The minister reiterated that Spain and the European Union has an absolute intention to protect the rights of citizens of the EU residing in the UK and the British residing in a member state of the EU which he said underlined the defence of the principle of non-discrimination based on nationality.

He also thanked them for their work in promoting the interests of those who are most likely to be affected and confirmed that any final decision will be made by the 27 European States and Great Britain.

THE UGT union has announced that following a poll of its 2,000 Iberia airline workers that there will be a strike at El Prat Barcelona airport from December 21 to 24.

According to the union, the decision to call the strike was forced upon the staff at the airport as employers IAG (who also own Aer Lingus, BA and Vueling) had not complied with the terms of agreements entered into.

The decision to introduce partial stoppages in the week leading up to Christmas Day is to protest at the lack of staff needed to undertake necessary work at the airport and to highlight that staff there are owed 7,000 hours of leave.

Part of the problem has been caused by the expansion of the Vueling presence at the airport during the busy summer season which required the existing Iberia handling and maintenance staff to service the Vueling fleet as well.

THE Seprona section of the Guardia Civil has rescued 28 horses found to be in very poor condition on a farm in Lucena del Puerto (Huelva).

Officers became aware that the 28 horses of different ages had been left without food or shelter and therefore called in a veterinarian to examine them after establishing the name of the owner.

Twelve of the horses were found to be very thin and it was considered that all of these were in such extremely poor condition that their lives were threatened.

After receiving judicial approval, the 12 were seized and removed to sanctuaries so that they could recover although during the move, one of the horses suffered a fall and died due to its poor condition caused by malnutrition.

The authorities are now deciding whether the owner should be charged with animal abuse.

WHEN author Tony Levy received his devastating cancer diagnosis, far from crumbling, he decided to write his second book, El Dorado? No! Heathrow.

With his background as a prison guard, followed by an even more challenging position in Airport Security, he was able to manifest an instinctive response to threats, and it was this that helped him turn a bad scenario into positive action.

The British-born author who now lives with his wife Jacinta in Algorfa, Alicante could create a literary storm with insider revelations, yet he modestly regards it as his job to expose only the truth to his ever-increasing audience of readers.

Tony tells all about life inside Britain's busiest airport, from flight statistics to embarrassing passenger stories, one minute you may reel in surprise, and the next rock with laughter.

He exposes the pressures faced by its 76,000+ staff, the traits of pampered celebrities as they pass through the terminals, and the weird, wonderful, and sometimes shocking behaviour of other passengers.

His first book an autobiography A Turnkey or Not? was written in Spain after he retired in 2008 and is about his prison service life where he worked for 25 years.

These two books have actually led to a third book making them into a trilogy of his quest to find his own personal El Dorado. The third book will be about real people too and records his experience of living as part of ex-pat community in Spain although he may have to move as he reveals the activities of Brits Abroad.

Both of Tony’s books can be found on Amazon.

YESTERDAY (Tuesday) a 15-year-old and a 10-year-old were spotted by plain clothes policemen in La Linea throwing stones at taxis.

There has been an on-going problem for some time with children attacking taxis in the Los Junquillos and Las Palomeras areas and the mayor had undertaken to ensure that something was done to try to resolve the problem.

With the addition of new officers to the Local Police Force, it was decided to place a number of undercover officers in the area and it was they who saw and arrested the two youngsters throwing the stones.

As soon as the ages were established, officers called their parents to the police station where their unsocial behaviour was explained and the matter was passed to the social services department to deal with.

The leader of the local taxi drivers association told local media that he was highly appreciative of the actions taken by the mayor and the officers.

ANOTHER 520 kilos of cocaine worth €18 million have been seized bringing the total in the past 15 days to six and a half tonnes of coke and 331 kilos of heroin.

According to Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido the latest haul was discovered in Valencia in a container supposedly carrying almonds on board a vessel travelling from Long Beach in California.

It is understood that the ship stopped at a number of South American destinations before heading for Europe and the minister underlined the fact that more than 800 containers had been inspected, as well as the movements of different companies that made shipments from several ports in Latin America.

He praised all of the government agencies that had worked so hard during 2017 to seize a record amount of drugs of all types and to break up a number of dangerous smuggling cartels.

FORMER Miss World and now mayor of the city, Kaiane Aldorino is committed to creating awareness of recycling.

 She supports both the Government of Gibraltar and global initiatives to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and recently visited the Ecopark in order to learn how waste is managed locally.

On her visit, the mayor gained a better understanding of the recycling process and the role that individuals can play.

Recycling is not a new concept for Gibraltar. 2008 saw the introduction of two specific waste streams, glass and tin. In 2012, waste streams for paper and plastics were added, with waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) being introduced shortly after.

Since then, recycling in Gibraltar has expanded and, in 2015, the Ecopark opened and provided a one-stop facility for the disposal of all recyclable waste.

Recycling leads to the conservation of energy but she also wants to see a reduction in pollution, the amount of waste products going to landfill and the overall cleanliness of air, water and land.

AN animal protection group has highlighted the fact that another six cats have been poisoned in the Asomadilla Park in Cordoba.

The Federación de Asociaciones Protectoras de Animales de Córdoba (FAPAC) has filed a complaint  with the prosecutor’s office as this is the latest of a number of attacks on cats in the 27 hectare park.

Earlier this year, more than 40 cats were killed leaving just 12 alive although they had quickly started breeding again and had grown to a colony of between 30 and 40 before the latest poisonings.

The group suggests that there has been no formal investigation into these regular poisonings and wants the authorities to take action, not just because of the killings but because of the apparently indiscriminate use of an unknown toxin which could also hurt children.

FAPAC also claims that there is no official interest in controlling these colonies of cats which should be captured, sterilised and released rather than leaving the care of the felines in the hands of voluntary groups.

THE family of 16-year-old María Adela Rodríguez has requested assistance from the Guardia Civil following her disappearance from Niebla (Huelva) last Sunday.

Officers are now mounting a search for the girl who it is believed may have been in the company of an adult male although there is no concrete evidence as to whether she left voluntarily or was abducted.

At the time of her disappearance Maria was understood to be wearing a black leather jacket with silver zips, grey top, jeans and blue and pink NIKE sneakers.

Should she be sighted, members of the public are asked to dial 112 or 116000.

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