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By Nicole King Wednesday, 04 October 2017 13:58 0
Five minutes of silence and thought Five minutes of silence and thought

I DO solemnly swear to myself that as of this article going to print I will start putting into practice all those things I know are good for me but never seem to make time to do.

One of them is to meditate; it couldn’t be clearer from all those who are successful and at peace with themselves in life tell us they practice the art of meditation and yoga, to optimise both body and mind.

I was even fortunate enough to interview the renowned swami last week during his brief visit to Marbella and I got his message. It was an easy one to follow, be natural, be nature, be still and quiet to hear yourself think, to follow our instincts.

I have to laugh because although I promised myself after interviewing him that I would start to meditate, I didn’t.

But at the beginning of this week I made myself a promise, that by this Thursday September, 28 when this column goes to print, if not earlier, meditation would be on my daily plan.

All I can say is I really wish I had started on Monday as intended perhaps the last few days wouldn’t have been as they have for me; which are not good.

Monday evening I felt peckish; although I had eaten a very late lunch. I saw a packet of ‘special concoction rice’ in the fridge, which I immediately recognised as having been in and out of the fridge during the summer and had probably been there longer than healthy.

I avidly searched the packet for the expiration date but on not finding it, made it anyway. I did eat a few bites of the rice but found the taste strange and thought no more of it.

However within a few hours, when I awoke and only just made it to the bathroom, I realised that I had known all along that something was up.

I was getting all the correct warning signs before, during and after this impromptu midnight feast, I had just decided to ignore it. And as a result of that I couldn’t even record my TV show on Tuesday as when I wasn’t visiting ‘Mr Roca’ I was sleeping off the pain of food poisoning.

Basically the same story for Wednesday. So, back to the plan. I do solemnly swear that as of Thursday, the day this column goes into print, I will somehow find the time, rather remember to give the time, just three to five minutes at the start of the day to be silent and let my thoughts flow.

I solemnly swear to myself also to do likewise in the evenings, and to do so for at least a period of two months.

Apparently if you do this practice for at least this time you really begin to reap the benefits and if that helps pay attention to our instincts, my tummy for one will be most grateful!

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