Nicole King

AS you turn up the final, steep hairpin-bend and emerge over the crest of the hill, there it is, as if from nowhere: looming before you, abandoned, derelict, ominous: the…
I HAVE to admit that when my kids were in their early teens and brought home a friend with piercings from ears to nose, tattoos on every visible limb and…
LIFE can be overwhelming; even when it’s good. I’ve just spent the last two days trying to finish this column and I can’t. Nor can I let John Smith and…
HAVE you ever played Chinese whispers? It’s a simple game, often used at a party to break the ice. It’s also a game we play to some degree on a…
ALTHOUGH beautiful, it breaks my heart to see so many young English girls plastered with make-up, from full foundation to false eyelashes. What really pains me though is to hear…
YOU can make it, save it, be out of it or have some to spare. You can be on it or in it; you can find it, lose it, keep,…
I’M always saying how you never know whom you are sitting next to in Marbella and I think young student Rowan Litchfield would heartily agree. Last week at the United…
THEY say sorry seems to be the hardest word but ‘thank you’ is right up there with it, as is giving credit where credit’s due. Our entire financial system today…
MARBELLA has some amazing international schools, which has made it the ideal place for families of all nationalities to come and settle here. We are also lucky to have a…
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