Can you believe it’s run off Windows 7??

By Mike Senker Wednesday, 04 October 2017 12:07 0

I WENT off on my travels last week. First stop was London with Monarch that does flights not leaving at silly o’ clock in the morning.

I have to say that I was very impressed with their in-flight food menu. They even did a mini English breakfast so I settled back in my seat and waited for the crew member to ask what my choice of culinary delight would be.

The trolley pulled up and she looked at me and asked would I like anything from the trolley. I said, ‘yes please, I’d like the English breakfast.’ ‘Sorry, we don’t have any left.’ ‘Hmmm OK, I’ll have the bacon baguette please.’ ‘Sorry, actually we don’t have any food left.’

Now for those of you thinking ‘full flight - these things happen - you are right it does. But I was in row seven and they had sold out.


It doesn’t make sense does it? They present you with this menu of goodies then nada.

They should at least make some announcement and inform you. I’ll tell you what they didn’t run out off though - their bloody scratch cards!

They were on the PA system quick enough, flogging them, telling us that we could win lots of money from what they collect and a ‘percentage’ goes to charity.

They didn’t say how big the percentage was and old, cynical me thinks that it’s not very much.

If it was 100 per cent I might be more tempted and if the first prize was a bacon sarnie I would definitely have had a punt!

My next leg was to the USA. I get there and everything is going nice and smoothly until I reach security. I’m in my wheelchair with someone helping me to get through.

We get up to the bit where they look at your boarding pass and make you look into a camera. It’s the bit you get to before you have to take your belt off and shoes and have to walk through (not me of course) holding your trousers up and hoping you don’t step on anything that is going to injure you.

Anyway it’s not working and I watch the security guy reset the computer. Ready for this?

The security system runs off Windows 7!

Yup Gatwick Airport runs off Windows 7!!

It’s an absolute farce.

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