Lord Frost resigned over Boris Johnson’s ‘Covid theatre’

Lord Frost resigned over Boris Johnson's 'Covid theatre'
Lord Frost resigned over Boris Johnson's 'Covid theatre'. image: twitter

Boris Johnson’s ‘Covid theatre’ is what prompted Lord Frost to resign from the cabinet

Lord Frost, the former Brexit Secretary, speaking on The Telegraph’s ‘Planet Normal Podcast’, on Thursday, January 13, opened up about what had spurred him to resign from Boris Johnson’s cabinet earlier this month.

He claimed that the Prime Minister did not implement the correct measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Frost had previously pointed at Mr Johnson’s ‘direction of travel’, as one of his main reasons for quitting his position in the Government core team, pointing to his belief that lockdowns were a ‘serious public policy mistake’.

“I would like to see the Government ruling out lockdowns for the future; repealing the legislation; ending them”, he told the podcast. “We can’t afford it, and it doesn’t work. Stop doing Covid theatre – vaccine passports, masks, stuff that doesn’t work – and focus on stuff that does work, so that we’re ready if the next one is worse”, he continued.


The 56-year-old British diplomat added, “Stuff like ventilation, antivirals, proper hospital capacity, managing it properly – that’s what we need to be focusing on going forward”.

Citing the Government’s Covid-19 policy, Lord Frost explained, “That was the reason I resigned. That’s what took me out of the Government in December. I didn’t agree with the Plan B measures, masks, vaccine passports – that’s what forced me out”.

When the pandemic is viewed in hindsight, argued Frost, it will be seen that the UK has come out of it relatively positively, but that the lockdowns will eventually be revealed to have been an error, as reported by express.co.uk.


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