Agamed’s online bills help the needy in Torrevieja

Agamed's online bills help the needy in Torrevieja
COLLABORATION AGREEMENT: Agamed will pay €1 for every request to switch to online billing Photo credit: Torrevieja town hall

AGAMED will donate one euro to Alimentos Solidarios for every client requesting an online bill between now and June 5.

The two concepts of solidarity and sustainability converge in the campaign to ensure recovery in a situation where nobody is left behind at a time when thousands are at risk from social exclusion, town hall sources said.

Representatives from water company Agamed, in which Torrevieja town hall has a 26 per cent holding, signed the collaboration agreement on January 10  with deputy mayor Rosario Martinez Chazarra.


Alimentos Solidarios, was founded in 2010 as a result of the economic crisis of 2008 when hundreds of Torrevieja residents found themselves in a difficult situation.  The non-government now provides approximately 200 daily menus for vulnerable families.

Agamed manager Jorge Ballesta, accompanied by assistant manager Gemma Cruz, explained that the initiative contributed to “sustainable, fair and inclusive recovery,” reminding the public that requesting a digital bill would also help those in need.

The campaign was also another step towards environmentally-friendly digitalisation enabling Agamed clients to consult their bills rapidly, easily and safely while helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Ballesta said.

More information is available from the Area de Clientes section on the website.

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