Vega Baja town halls are preparing to cope with freak downpours

Vega Baja town halls are preparing to cope with freak downpours
RAFAL VISTI: Arcadi España, accompanied by local, provincial and regional officials Photo credit:

THE regional government’s Plan Vega Renhace scheme has transferred €16 million to the Vega Baja’s local governments.

“Today we have taken an important step forward,” declared Arcadi España, who heads the Generalitat’s Territorial Policies and Public Works departments.

“This will help town halls to install systems for draining off rainwater and preventig flooding during periods of torrential rain,” España said during his recent visit to Rafal.


He stressed the importance of continuing to take action in two areas that were of fundamental importance to the Vega Baja economy.

“It is vital to invest more and at the same time deal with territorial issues through dialogue so that we are well-prepared to cope with the episodes of heavy rain that occur here,” España stated.

“The Vega Baja is essential to the Valencian Community but for many years it has not received the funding it needs,” he added, while stressing the Generalitat’s efforts to invest in the area.

“After the DANA storms, residents as well as the administrations learnt that it is vital to invest decisively to prevent, as far as possible, the consequences of torrential rain and at the same time boost the economy and contribute to creating employment.”

The €16 million that the Generalitat had made available was an additional resource that would enable the Vega Baja’s 27 municipalities to implement 46 drainage and flood prevention schemes, España said.

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