The spectacular Spanish town you need to visit in 2022

The spectacular Spanish town you need to visit in 2022
The spectacular Spanish town you need to visit in 2022. Image - Wiki

This is the spectacular Spanish town that is among the best destinations in the world in 2022, according to ‘Le Monde’.

One of the most prestigious newspapers in France ‘Le Monde’ has included the Spanish town of Riglos, in Huesca, as one of the best places to visit this year.

The newspaper describes Riglos as “an essential place to visit in winter, since you can find sun in a romantic landscape full of almond trees, green oaks and olive trees.”


The town in Aragon, with just over 200 inhabitants, ranks an impressive seventh in this year’s travel list in ‘Le Monde’.

The incomparable nature of this municipality presided over by the Mallos de Riglos consists of unique geological formations of rocks with vertical walls. These walls are called ‘mallos’ and reach a maximum height of 275 metres.

“These geological formations are reminiscent of man-made buildings, mixing stones, mortar and clay. They leave no one indifferent. The first time you see them from the road you are astonished, astonished. You wonder if they are real,” explains journalist Benedicte Boucays, author of the article.

Image – Wiki

The origin of the mallos is directly related to the elevation of the Pyrenees during the Alpine orogeny, a period that occurred 66 million years ago. When the Pyrenees arose, erosion came into action and dragged materials through the waterways that reached the old depression of the Ebro river. There they were deposited forming cones of dejection, that is to say, deposits of alluvial slopes.

Then the lower layers of the Earth raised them. Erosion over time shaped the current vertical walls, leaving the iconic shapes of the mallos.

‘Le Monde’ emphasises the “magical” hiking route that runs through the mallos known as ‘El Camino del Cielo.’ This circular route is 5.4 kilometres long, is suitable for all abilities and the estimated time of the journey is 2 and a half hours.

It begins in the town of Riglos itself and is a must-see activity. Along the way there are several viewpoints, Ventuso being the highest.

You cannot miss the opportunity to photograph yourself with the famous Mallos de Fire and Pison, – huge ricks that look like towering fingers.

This is for hiking enthusiasts or simple nature enthusiasts, but if you are a climber, the Mallos de Riglos is one of the places where you must climb at least once in your life.#

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