Valencia’s regional government pledges to assist hospitality sector overcome Covid pass hostility

Valencia's regional government pledges to assist hospitality sector faced with Covid pass hostility
GENERALITAT MEETING: Help when enforcing Covid pass requirements Photo credit:

THE Generalitat pledged to help the hospitality and nightlife sectors enforce Covid pass requirements.

Regional president Ximo Puig also revealed the possibility of direct Generalitat collaboration with the Public Prosecution department if bar owners and disco managements were threatened by Covid deniers.

Puig emphasised that the Generalitat condemned any kind of threat or intimidation towards establishments complying with regulations in force until January 31.


“We want to send out a clear message,” Puig stated.  “If anybody has a problem with people who harass or threaten them because they asked for a Covid certificate, they should immediately alert the police.”

Puig stressed that they could count on support from the law: “The Generalitat will always be on their side.”

Puig was speaking after a January 5 meeting with Gabriela Bravo, who heads the regional government’s Justice, Interior and Administration department. Also present were Tourist Board chief Francesc Colomer and police representatives.

“The Generalitat will defend those who defend the law,” Puig declared.

“People have the right to think whatever they want, but not to hinder the law,” he added.

The regional president also stressed that the Generalitat was aware of the efforts required of the hospitality industry in implementing the Covid pass.

“The sector has shown great responsibility in complying with health and safety measures and ensuring that they are complied with to protect the population,” he said.

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