Costa del Sol photographer Mark Beltran on Language of Love

Mark behind the camera on set
Mark behind the camera on set Credit: Mark Beltran

EXCLUSIVE: Costa del Sol photographer Mark Beltran on Language of Love which is currently entertaining British TV viewers.

It was 20 years ago that Mark Beltran (and wife Jasmin) left the UK to settle on the Costa del Sol after spending several years working as a photographer for a number of Britain’s best-known newspapers.

Most recently he was contacted by Channel 4 to undertake four days of intensive work shooting all of the stills for their Language of Love programme which is currently airing.


It was set in a finca in Casares and he had to take photos of presenters Davina McCall and Mallorca’s Ricky Marino, all of the men and women taking part in the show as well as accompanying them on external visits to vineyards and other places of interest.

Living in Calahonda, on one day alone he drove 250 kilometres and was working on average 16 hours a day but enjoyed every minute.

Asked how he found the two presenters, Mark said “they couldn’t have been nicer. They also had a tough schedule as the entire show had to be completed in two weeks, but were always cheerful and friendly and encouraged me to have photographs taken with them as well as of them.

Mark with Davina and Ricky
Mark with Davina and Ricky
Credit: Mark Beltran

“It was hard work but great fun and I would be happy to get involved again should there be a second series commissioned.”

The original plan when the family moved to Spain was to continue to be a photographer but also to set up a photographic agency, offering on the ground images to his contacts back in the UK and he set up Solarpix with a partner which is still in business today.

Having sold his share in the agency, Mark decided to go freelance offering both still and video photography, forming his company Rocketshot Productions in 2017 and undertaking a huge amount of work, for companies, estate agents, book manufacturers, musicians, individuals and many more, including photographs for a book detailing David Beckham’s stay with Real Madrid.

As a cinematographer, Mark has been involved in shooting a number of documentaries, one of which Against the Tides was entered into the 2019 Marbella Film Festival and a further documentary is due to be released later this year.

Speaking about the lockdown, Mark observed that “from my point of view it was something of a disaster in as much as it was impossible to work but whenever we were allowed out, I found quite a lot to do, especially as am licenced to operate video drones

“Since September 2021 things have really taken off which whilst tiring is very encouraging and I have a number of projects likely to come to fruition in the coming year which will hopefully include more TV and film work.”

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