Couple were paid to get other people’s Covid vaccinations for them

Science teacher arrested for vaccinating underage student
Science teacher arrested for vaccinating underage student

A couple is claiming that they were paid to receive Covid vaccines for other people.

A couple from Cumbria are claiming that they were paid to receive Covid vaccines for other people, saying it’s “easy not to get caught.”

The pair, who want to remain anonymous, have told of what they think is a growing market in the area and say a number of people have asked them to get jabbed on their behalf.


Scientists have said the alleged scam is “contemptible” and that having more than the recommended dose can pose serious health risks and side effects.

The shocking claims raise questions about the verification process of getting vaccinated and fears that vulnerable people may be exploited by anti-vaxxers following Covid passports being introduced for events and nightlife.

A 27-year-old drug user from Carlisle said that he has been jabbed three times while pretending to be someone else. He claimed that a friend of a friend asked him to receive the second dose on his behalf for £50 so that he could get his Covid passport.

The man says that the news of his “services” then spread by word of mouth and two other people approached him. He claims on the second occasion, he was given £80 to get a booster jab on behalf of someone else.

He said: “I’ve had three covid boosters and I got paid to have them. I got £50 for one and £80 for another, I can’t remember how much for the other.”

“It’s just word of mouth people don’t want them [the vaccination], it doesn’t bother me getting them.”

“It hurt after I got them but I had the money to score so I didn’t care. I know people who have had more than me. It’s an easy way to get money. The people just gave me their details and I went in.”

The man’s girlfriend said she had also received a jab on behalf of someone else, however, she said she wouldn’t do it again because she was “scared of getting caught.”

She said: “He got the first one and said it was easy, I really wanted the money but I was scared.”

“I did it and got my money, it was really easy they didn’t ask much, just name, showed them the appointment and that was about it.”

“I’m not doing it again, I was in a lot of pain and I’m worried in case we get caught.”

The man claims that the number of people wanting to dodge their jab is increasing and that he has been approached by several people.

“I’ve been asked to do it by other people as well. It’s easy money, they don’t really care at the injection places they just want to get you in and out,” he said.

“It’s not their fault but it’s easy money. I don’t think I’m really doing anything wrong. If they don’t want them I’ll get them instead.”

“It can’t do much to me. I’ve had worse s**t in me than the Covid vaccine.”

Colin Cox, Director of Public Health for Cumbria said: “Let’s get this straight…if people don’t want the vaccine presumably that’s because they (wrongly) think it’s harmful,” he said.

“And then they’d pay someone else to take that perceived harm, so they can do what they like without being vaccinated?”

“I think that would tell you all you need to know about someone who tried that.”

“I’ve not heard of it happening but if it is, it’s pretty contemptible. And I’m pretty sure illegal too.”

Meanwhile, in Malaga, a couple were selling fake Covid passports to anti-vaxxers.

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