Sebastian Cruz Couture Takes High Fashion Online

Sebastian Cruz Couture Takes High Fashion Online

A notable percentage of countries across the globe have seen a drastic increase in e-commerce sales, especially in the fashion industry. In the U.S, the online retail sales of both apparel and accessories grew year-over-year since 2019 by approximately 19% which is reported to be the fastest-growing category. Whilst these stats are generally indicative of the fast-fashion industry, one thing is for certain, consumers are becoming accustomed to shopping from the comfort of the web.

According to a recent global survey from Shopify, a resounding 84 percent of total surveyed consumers were noted to have shopped online during the pandemic. The survey also showed that numerous consumers, including those that were once less comfortable utilizing e-commerce, are now projected to continue to rely on online shopping going forward. 

However, when it comes to high fashion we have seen a reluctance from luxury brands to migrate to digital commerce. Chanel’s president Bruno Pavlovsky is reported to have explained that the brand’s resistance is because “You need to be in the fitting room. You need to have a tailor who alters the clothes to fit exactly to your body. I think it’s part of Chanel. It’s more than just our service. It’s part of our differentiation to have ready-to-wear that is perfect for our customers.”


However, Sebastian Cruz Couture has revolutionized the world of luxury fashion by proving that high fashion needs to develop with global shopping trends in order to satisfy customer needs and make high fashion more accessible across the globe.

The House of Sebastian Cruz Couture

Founded by husband-and-wife duo, Cesar Cruz and Natasha Cruz– the brand was established in 2013 and named in honor of their to-be-born son Sebastian. At the launch of the brand, the couple focused exclusively on pocket square fashion. The team created a linen collection that was made of an exquisitely hand-crocheted border and a combination of 100% Turkish Cotton. The unique idea came about as a solution that allowed the pocket square to grip the fabric of the jacket– preventing it from slipping.

Since then the house of Sebastian Cruz Couture has branched out further into the world of luxury fashion for men. And now provides an extensive range of products that includes jackets, shirts, vests, trousers, shoes, scarves, cufflinks, belts, bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares amongst other products.

The brand has been adorned by renowned personalities, including the likes of:

  • Russell Wilson
  • Marcus Scribner
  • Rami Malek
  • Ricky Whittle
  • Nick Cannon
  • Romain Bonnet
  • Randy Jackson
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Sam Asghari

Making High Fashion Accessible

Whilst many high-fashion brands believe that their value is placed on their exclusivity, Sebastian Cruz Couture understands that the real value is in inclusivity. The choice to make Sebastian Cruz Couture an online-exclusive store allowed the brand to reach customers all across the globe. Customers are able to receive fast service as the fashion house ensures that customers are able to have a customized luxury suit tailored for them within a day. 

The brand was able to find a solution to Chanel’s previously mentioned fears by ensuring that designers have a custom pattern of their customers on file. This allows for a tailored fit to be delivered to a customer’s door. Once an order is placed, the suit is usually distributed between 2-3 days, with the items being shipped internationally via UPS & DHL. 

The brand has gone beyond just allowing for international availability in an attempt to increase inclusivity in the world of high fashion– on the Sebastian Cruz Couture website, the company uses its customers as models. This takes away from the stereotypical notion that high fashion is for a specific body type or person by placing more emphasis on the couture.

Since fashion has a way of speaking without words, the fashion brand makes a statement by not showing the faces of their models in any of their social media posts. Cesar says that “this is because we want people to see themselves in the clothes, instead of seeing a model and comparing themselves to the model.”

Final Thoughts

Sebastian Cruz Couture has found a way to fill a gap in the world of high fashion. By creating a direct link between global customers and the brand, the fashion house is able to deliver luxury fashion at the speed of fast fashion without compromising on the quality or fit of their clothing.


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