Valencian Community reached significant milestones in 2021

Valencian Community reached significant milestones in 2021
PAST YEAR: Vaccinations and employment set records in 2021 Photo credit:

REGIONAL president Ximo Puig began his customary end-of-year address by paying tribute to the Valencian Community’s 8,097 Covid victims.

Repeating his 2021 watchword of responsibility, Puig declared that the region’s vaccination rate had set an example to a world challenged by a pandemic that had dealt a “devastating” blow to all society.

By the end of 2020, the Health department had administered 5,000 Covid vaccinations: “Today we are approaching 10 million doses,” he said.


“We now have better defences,” Puig added, insisting that while the hospital situation permitted, health and safety measures adopted in 2020 would give way to protective measures “appropriate to 2022.”

The Generalitat president also revealed that the Valencian Community had set a historic record for employment in 2021.

Puig pointed out that he made his 2020 end-of-year address putting his trust in social and economic recovery.

“Since that uncertain moment, 81,000 people have found work, 222 jobs each day,” Puig said.

He announced that the Valencian Community would reach another milestone in January 2022, with more than two million people registered for Social Security.

His 2022 priority was to maintain this rhythm of recovery with more – and better – employment, because it was unacceptable that there should be “poor” workers.

“It is unjust to see working families who cannot live decently on what they earn,” Puig declared.

The Generalitat president was speaking from the Elca (Oliva) home of the poet Francisco Brines who died last year.

The location was symbolic, Puig stressed, as it evoked the value of thoughtful words, “not shouts, insults or affronts.”

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