A public and private problem for Orihuela Costa walkers

A public and private problem for Orihuela Costa walkers
PRIVATE PROPERTY: Closed path means a two-kilometre detour Photo credit: CLARO

ORIHUELA COSTA residents are outraged at the continued closure of the path between Agua Marina and the La Caleta beach.

In mid-December, Orihuela city hall bricked up the entrance to this 60-metre stretch of  coastal walkway, whose closure now entails a two-kilometre detour.

The CLARO political party and its coalition aly Cambiemos introduced a motion the city council’s last plenary meeting, decrying the closure and urging its reopening as soon as possible.


The motion expressed incredulity that the local government’s Partido Popular and Ciudadanos coalition failed to take steps to prevent the closure following a 2016 legal victory for  Bella Vista  property owners who consider that the Paseo occupies private land.

“Shamefully, the motion was defeated by the PP and Ciudadanos parties,” said CLARO’s Bob Houliston.

“The city hall coalition did not take into account an additional element that CLARO introduced into the debate, namely the danger,” Bob pointed out.

“Frustrated walkers pass behind the wall enclosing the Paseo, risking a vertiginous fall in order to avoid the two-kilometre detour,” he pointed out.

“Given the opposition of the governing parties to the motion, it is more and more open to doubt that the government will approve expropriating the ‘private’ pathway and reopen the coastal Paseo by the summer as they continue to promise.”

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