News in Brief for the Costa de Almeria area

News in Brief for the Costa de Almeria area
SOCIAL CENTRES: €25,000 improvements to neighbourhood meeting places Photo credit: Huercal-Overa town hall

Spruced up HUERCAL-OVERA town hall is spending €25,000 on improving social centres in Goñar, Los Menas, La Hoya, El Pilar, Las Norias and Los Menas via the Coopera 2 programme. First in line is Goñar which, like the other centres, is a neighbourhood meeting place also used for municipal activities.

Not fair CARMEN CRESPO, who heads the Junta’s Agriculture department, queried whether third-party countries paid tariffs when exporting tomatoes to Europe.  Crespo claimed that Almeria province’s tomato-growing sector was at a total disadvantage owing to EU policies that favoured a much cheaper product that did not comply with phytosanitary requirements.

First arrival MATEO, who weighed in at 3.660 kilos and measured 53 centimetres when he entered the world at the Hospital de Poniente in El Ejido, was Almeria province’s first  baby of 2022. He is the third child of Rosa and David, who live in El Ejido’s Zona Norte area.


Lennon link BRITISH film producer Denis O’Dell died at his San Jose (Nijar) home on December 30, aged 98.  Known for A Hard Day’s Night, Juggernaut and Robin and Marian, he was responsible for bringing John Lennon to Almeria province in 1966 where he filmed How I Won the War.

Lady luck GOOD fortune continued to smile on Almeria province, this time in Berja where the administration in Plaza Antonio de Nebrija sold the first prize in the December 30 draw.  The winning 50567 number was also sold in Oviedo, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Madrid and Salamanca amongst other municipalities.

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