Almeria’s Diputacion underlines commitment to equality

Almeria's Diputacion underlines commitment to equality
2021 SUMMING -UP: Carmen Belen Lopez gave a breakdown of equality projects Photo credit: Diputacion de Almeria

PROVINCIAL council, the Diputacion, continued its commitment to equality throughout 2021 by promoting women and combatting gender violence.

Carmen Belen Lopez, who heads the Diputacion’s Equality department pointed out that last year the provincial council emphasised projects encouraging equal opportunities between men and women, wherever they lived in Almeria province.

“It was a year when associations and town halls returned to in-person activities,” Lopez said. “These embodied the creativity and social innovation that countered the worst of the pandemic with inventive and surprising projects.”


Equality policies at all levels were key to the Diputacion’s main plans of action, she added.

“Commitment to equality has been reflected each year with increased budgets for the province’s Women’s Council and local bodies,” Lopez said.

The Diputacion carried out 111 projects in 90 municipalities last year, providing financial assistance of €130,000 for initiatives that ranged from gender violence awareness campaigns to workshops for women.

The authorities intervened on 2,580 occasions last year, preventing gender violence or attending to victims, Lopez revealed, while the 900 helpline had also covered requests from the security forces and provided guidance for 30 women.

A further 76 women still at risk from partners or ex-partners were also provided with teleprotection monitoring devices, Lopez said.

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