Benidorm shopping vouchers scheme trebled takings over Christmas

Benidorm shopping vouchers scheme trebled takings over Christmas
BENIDORM COMMERCE: Noticed the impact of the town hall’s voucher scheme Photo credit: Benidorm town hall

BENIDORM’s shopping voucher scheme had a €6 million impact on commerce, according to Abreca-Cobreca’s Alexandre Fratini.

The €10 vouchers entitled consumers to a €20 discount in participating shops and businesses, which was later reimbursed by the town hall in a campaign introduced to boost local spending.

The campaign, which ended on December 31, was a lifeline for Benidorm commerce, agreed both Abreca-Cobreca, which represents restaurateurs and the hospitality sector, and the Aico shop-owners’ association.


Initial estimates predicted that takings would double the face value of the vouchers, Fratini explained.

“Instead, we saw a much greater impact as people were spending three times as much,” he said.

Previously, Benidorm residents did their Christmas shopping in nearby towns but remained in the town this year, Fratini added.

“The principal shopping streets had a large flow of local residents who outnumbered the tourists,” he said.

Fratini also pointed out that when people shopped they also ate out, and this had a knock-on effect on the chain of suppliers, employees and services.

“Both Abreca-Cobreca and Aico will continue to support and collaborate with all local government initiatives that assist the town’s productive sectors,” Fratini declared, as he congratulated Benidorm’s mayor Toni Perez and Commerce councillor Lorenzo Martinez.

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