No one is safe

Boris Johnson

Whether deserved or not, the onslaught on Boris Johnson of late appears to be never ending. So far, the demolition of his reputation and integrity as an individual has completely overshadowed any political status or ministerial expertise he may possess; which just goes to show that the public don’t give two monkeys about whether their leaders are capable politicians or not; If they are not morally acceptable, then they are fair game for any attack their enemies or rivals care to initiate.

Many of those in high finance or the political world are of course fully aware that scandal can bring down almost anyone, subsequently when circumstances are right, character assassination can truly become big business.

Recently I discovered that there are a few shadowy agencies that specialise in these modes of clandestine operations. In the style of the old Mafia hit men, it is possible to engage these people who, with their far-reaching tentacles and web of connections, are capable of discrediting and destroying all manner of people in public life.


The leaked video of the Allegra Stratton ‘press call’ and photos of the alleged Downing Street parties are probable instances in point. The CCT coverage of Matt Hancock groping a secretary was trawled up from some source or another.  Dirt digging of this ilk is not always ‘investigative reporting’, it can be bought; and you can rest assured the professional companies who provide these services don’t come cheap.

Apparently, these agencies recruit moles and shadowy informers, engaged specifically to infiltrate big organisations and the corridors of power. Although their official work titles may sound innocuous enough, their true profession is to spy on their co-workers and bosses, gleaning any information or scandal to pass on to their true employers. All this data is then processed and filed ready to be released to the highest bidder.

The discredited publicist Max Clifford was a prime example of someone who practised these devious methods. If you look back over certain cases of people destroyed by sleaze and innuendo, you can visualise the murky hand of these companies in some of their downfalls.

The likes of Stephen Ward, Profumo, John Major, Cummings and even Trump all could easily have been targets of this type of operation. I’m not saying they were innocent victims; of course, they weren’t. In fact, it could be maintained that these companies are performing a public service. It’s just that charging a fee to dig up dirt and discredit people, just has more than a whiff of the old KGB or Kim Jong-un about it.

And just how do we know precisely who their customers are? You can be sure that with the standard of morals they display they are not too fussy about who pays the fee! One thing is for certain, no one is safe. Thank the Lord this old boy’s life of skullduggery is an open book – literally. Book One, Two and Three. All available on Amazon.  Happy New Year Everyone.

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