Dedicated medics perform two Christmas miracles in Alicante province’s Javea

Dedicated medics perform two Christmas miracles in Alicante province's Javea
JAVEA CENTRE: Two young lives saved on Christmas Eve photo credit: Google

DOCTORS and nurses saved two very young lives in Javea on Christmas Eve.

Doctors Sara Gimenez and Sara Gomez, with nurses Nerea and Sandra, called on all their expertise and experience when a Policia Local officer burst into the health centre with a baby of six weeks in her arms at mid-day on December 24.

She was followed by a distraught and crying mother who minutes earlier had rushed to the  police station with her rigid and unresponsive baby.


Instead of calling for an ambulance, officers took mother and child to the health centre in a patrol car, where medical staff and hurried to the baby’s assistance.

Officers and a queue waiting for Covid tests burst into applause – and tears in some cases – when a voice called out from A and E that the baby was alive and crying.

Later that night a British couple arrived with their three-year-old daughter who had choked on her vomit.

“It was hard,” Dr Gimenez told the Spanish media later.  “We needed half an hour to revive her.”

Both she and Dr Gomez recalled the emotional moment afterwards when the child, by then in her father’s arms, turned to them and said in English, “Happy Christmas.”

She was then transferred to Denia hospital, where she is recovering well.

The two doctors admitted that the medical and nursing professions are “exhausted” after almost two years of battling the pandemic.

“But our absolute priority is saving lives and giving our all,” they declared.

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