Talk Radio Europe (TRE) supported Benalmadena’s Cudeca

One in a million
One in a Million Campaign Credit: Cudeca Facebook

TALK RADIO EUROPE (TRE) supported Benalmadena’s Cudeca by raising nearly €100,000 to donate to its “Joan Hunt, one in a million” campaign which took place in the last weekend of November.

It is only now that the full extent of the money raised has been calculated and the final figures showed that the campaign raised an amazing €49,381 from generous listeners which was then doubled to nearly €100,000 by sponsors.

Martin Nathan, Chairman of Talk Radio Europe who devised the campaign explained that the name of the campaign “ONE IN A MILLION” was chosen in recognition of Joan Hunt the founder and driving force of Cudeca who was a ‘one in a million’ human being.


The campaign continues throughout January and has so far raised almost €220.000 with more donations being received all the time.

It is intended to create and fund for four years, the first Paediatric Palliative Care Hospice accessible to all children and teenagers in Malaga Province.

The   facility   would   include   specialised   comprehensive   care   and   compassionate accompaniment for children and teenagers, as well as for their close families.

It would have an expert team of professionals (doctors, psychologists, nurses, social   workers, physiotherapists, music, art and play therapists, teachers) and volunteers, to care at home, in the Cudeca Centre, the Paediatric Palliative Care Day Unit and following the conversion   of   Joan   Hunt’s   former   house, in   the   new   in-patient   Unit.

Cudeca gave special thanks went to the TRE hosts and presenters for their work and effort   during the weekend, putting their communication expertise into service to help raise much needed funds.

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