New Year’s Eve celebrations won’t be cancelled in Alicante province

New Year’s Eve celebrations won't be cancelled in Alicante province
ALICANTE VISIT: Ximo Puig ruled out stricter regulations Photo credit:

GENERALITAT president Ximo Puig ruled out further anti-Covid restrictions for the New Year.

Far from following the lead of autonomous regions and imposing stricter regulations like Murcia’s curfew, Puig said it was up to each town or city hall to decide whether or not to suspend crowded events and celebrations.

Despite earlier reports that Covid passports could be required for outdoor terraces, the regional president confirmed that there were no plans to introduce this measure.


“We aren’t going to create more uncertainty,” Puig declared to the Spanish media during a visit to Alicante City on December 27.

“The Generalitat has already said what should be done,” he added. “The aim is to have as few crowds as possible, masks should be worn and interiors well-aired.”

Accompanied by Ana Barcelo, who heads the regional government’s Health department, Puig went on to say that well-organised, well-controlled Three Kings’ parades could be authorised.

“It’s a question of common sense,” he said.

There would be meetings with town and city halls, Puig added, and the regional government would collaborate on making adequate decisions.

“But it’s difficult to make a centralised decision,” he admitted.

“Formulas must be found to hold these celebrations with maximum security,” he stressed.

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