A transcendental year for Almeria province and its agriculture

A transcendental year for Almeria province and its agriculture
ECONOMIC MAINSTAY: Javier Aureliano Garcia spoke from a greenhouse, stressing Almeria’s agricultural importance Photo credit: Diputacion de Almeria

THIS year’s Christmas message from Javier Aureliano Garcia, president of Almeria’s Diputacion provincial council, was recorded in a greenhouse.

The setting was deliberate, stressed Garcia as he wished Almeria province residents a happy Christmas, sharing his reflections on the last 12 months and wishes for 2022.

Garcia pointed out that the province’s agriculture had continued its activities throughout the pandemic, guaranteeing Europe’s supply of fresh vegetables throughout the year and even during the worst days of the pandemic.


“2021 has been a transcendental year that demonstrates what it means to be an Almeriense,” he said, referring to the agricultural sector ‘s contribution to the economy.

“Being an Almeriense means showing concern for those close to us, to putting the wellbeing of others before our own and never giving in to adversity,” Garcia continued.  “It means sharing and helping those who help the most vulnerable.”

The Diputacion president referred to the health situation which is still very much present in everyone’s life.

“I want us to share the Christmas season’s message of peace and love with the people who mean most to us, always remembering those who are no longer here and continuing to face down the pandemic,” Garcia continued.

The Diputacion president also drew attention to an important anniversary for Almeria’s 103 municipalities in 2022.

“The Diputacion and the province of Almeria will celebrate 200 years of existence, 200 years of history, 200 years of progress and 200 hundred years of unity centring on pride in being Almeriense,” Garcia declared.

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