Introducing the Postbox Terreros

AFTER:: Every letter and parcel delivered to a secure box.
Every letter and parcel delivered to a secure box.

WE are pleased to recommend this service to you and hope you will love it as much as the people who already signed up, and enjoy the benefits.  Available to people in all areas.

Eleven years in business Grupo Platinum Estates. Secure post and package receiving service now available for all.

Customers with full time homes, holiday homes, lock up and leave, or rental investment, asked how they can ensure the safe receipt of every letter and package when they are not always at the property?


Worried about the risk of letters arriving containing confidential or valuable information, when they are not able to receive it in person?

  • Community boxes that are open to everyone and it is easy to remove these items.
  • A letter box on the gate that can be easily entered into at any time of day.
  • How will I know if I receive letters or parcels? if I am not there to check the box or the dreaded Covid-19 stops me moving around again?

Everyone can now be sure that every letter and parcel will arrive to a safe and secure box with their name and address on it. And when the letter and parcel arrives, they will be notified by email.

More information take a look at the website


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