Waitress fired for not sharing £3,000 tip with colleagues

Waitress fired for not sharing £3,000 tip with colleagues
Waitress fired for not sharing £3,000 tip with colleagues. image: pxhere

Waitress fired for not sharing £3,000 tip with colleagues

Ryan Brandt, a 30-something waitress at the Arkansas establishment, the Oven and Tap in Bentonville, is at the centre of a massive storm. This comes after she received a tip from a customer of £3,300 ($4,400). The tipper had asked for the money to be shared specifically between Ryan and another waitress.

The incident occurred on December 2, when a local property company owner, and regular customer, Grant Wise, turned up at what is his wife’s favourite restaurant with around 40 guests, for a night out.

Mr Wise had apparently called in advance to inform the restaurant of his plan to tip just one or two members of staff, and that his tip was not to be shared among everybody else. His idea was that each of his guests contributed £75 ($100), and they would hand it to staff members hard hit by the pandemic.


At the end of the evening, his group chose Ryan, and another waitress who had been serving them. Shortly after the money had been presented to Ryan, (the other staff member had already gone home), the restaurant manager demanded she hand over the tip, for it to be shared among all the staff.

This had never been the case before with tips in her time working there, she commented. Speaking to Fox 59, Ryan told them, “I was told that I was going to be giving my cash over to my shift manager, and I would be taking home 20 per cent”.

Mr Wise recorded the moment they handed the large tip over in his mobile, and was heard saying in the footage, “I’m so sorry to interrupt everyone’s dinner, this will only take 60 seconds. We have a table full of absolutely amazing people from all over the country who have travelled here, and tonight we’re hosting a £75 ($100) Dinner Club”, as he faced a startled Ryan.

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