Driver fined €1,000 in Spain for using a dashcam in his vehicle

Driver fined €1,000 for using a dashcam in his vehicle
Driver fined €1,000 for using a dashcam in his vehicle. image: creative commons

Driver fined €1,000 in Spain for using a dashcam in his vehicle

Many drivers have invested in a dashcam at some point with the idea of fitting it in their vehicle, maybe in the hope of capturing insurance footage in the event of their having an accident. Some might use it simply to try and record an interesting event while driving. Others might install one as a form of security, to record images while they leave their car unattended.

The current laws in Spain do not prohibit the installation of such a device in vehicles. Having said that, a driver in A Coruña found out recently that there is a regulation applying to the consequences of using this type of recording device.


Stopped by the Local Police whilst out driving, they questioned his having a dashcam on show. He justified the use of it by explaining that his vehicle had been the subject of recent vandalism, and that he had subsequently fitted the cam in the hope of catching the perpetrators, or at least scaring them from doing it again with the cam visible.

The officers raised the question to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, with the result being a €1,000 fine. He was told that even though the dashcam itself is not prohibited, what is illegal, is to capture images on the outside of the vehicle.

They explained that he must have a justified reason to record external images, and that in their opinion, he was not justified in capturing images of the innocent members of the public who might appear in the view of his dashcam while the vehicle is stopped, as reported by


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  1. Taking this to it’s logical conclusion all tourists with cameras including phones should be fined as they enter the country as well as everyone in the country seen to be carrying a phone or camera.
    Give the man his money back and stop all the nonsense.

  2. yet the police record the innocent public all the time, in most instances for no good reason. Obviously freedom to record in public does not enter the Spanish charter, is that why they demonstrated to protect themselves from being caught on camera?

  3. This is an April Fools joke story, surely? Either that or the most ridiculous fine ever issued. So effectively the Spanish authorities are saying that one of the most useful crime-solving aids ever invented, able to precisely demonstrate how accidents happened, will incur a 1,000 euro fine? I’m sorry but even the Spanish authorities can’t be that daft – this can’t be true.


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