Sew good, Alexis!

Sew good, Alexis!
GRAND OPENING: Alexis and husband David at the launch of her Sewing School Photo credit: Alexis Shillinglaw

TURRE resident Alexis Shillinglaw, an expert needlewoman, has raised more than €3,000 for charity.

“When the pandemic started, I began making free handmade masks,” Alexis told the Euro Weekly News.

“I even sent them to the UK to help, as masks were so hard to get hold of then.”


Shortly afterwards Alexis began to use mask-making to raise much-needed funds for needy families in Turre.

“I would not accept payment,” she explained, “but asked that anyone wanting to buy a mask paid €5 and put the money into a jar at Total Entertainment.”

All of the monies benefit local charities and help also goes to Ellen, the Turre vet, to help abandoned cats and dogs.

Alexis and husband David arrived in Spain four years ago from Galashiels in Scotland, where she had a sewing alterations shop, living first in Los Gallardos before moving to Turre on the day the State of Alarm was announced.

Alexis has been so successful, teaching sewing at all levels in Turre and the adjoining towns, that she has now launched the Alexis Sewing School.

Martin Morales, Turre’s mayor, accompanied by Angela Morales Soler and Marisa Freeman, attended the recent inauguration.

“We wish you every success and many happy students,” Morales said.

“You deserve the best since you have always supported our community, even in the worst moments of the pandemic,” he declared.

Thanking the mayor for his support, Alexis pointed out that he did amazing work himself: “Thank you for keeping us safe,” she said.

“It’s a real pleasure to have able to help others less fortunate than ourselves and I will be making Christmas charity masks to help buy presents for the children of Turre.”

Linda came to Spain to live when she was 24, just over 52 years ago, and her husband is Spanish. She began writing for English-language local newspapers in the mid-1970s and hasn’t stopped since! She leads a Spanish life, which she believes is vital when conveying the news to English-speaking residents, and along the way she produced two editions of Expand Your Spanish, helping English-speakers to enlarge their knowledge of the language. She was excited to be in at the birth of the Euro Weekly News in 1999 and is still passionately writing for the paper 22 years later.


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