A uniform solution

A uniform solution
NO WASTE: Recycling bins for discarded Policia Local unifors Photo credit: Cuevas del Almanzora town hall

OUTWORN uniforms no longer needed by Cuevas del Almanzora’s Policia Local officers can now be recycled.

Thanks to an agreement with Insignia Uniformes, the firm which manufactures the officers’ uniforms, the material can now be reused, eliminating the problems normally involved in disposing of garments, town hall sources explained.

Owing to their characteristics and functions, uniforms cannot be discarded or donated like other clothing to prevent them from reaching the street where they could be put to inappropriate use.


Instead, the Re-Uniforma programme collects and classifies the castoffs for professional recycling that separates their polyester content for re-use.

Using this innovative technology Insignia Uniformes is able to process a large volume of discarded clothing, converting them into a new raw material.  Eventually, Insignia said, the firm intends to produce top-quality police uniforms using textiles that are 100 per cent recovered.

Cuevas mayor Antonio Fernandez Liria and Public Safety councillor Isabel Maria Haro Salas, accompanied by Policia Local chi, Juan Javier Castro Alonso, and David Velasco from Isignia Uniforms recently gave details of the scheme, which collaborates with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 15 set out in 2015.

“We are aware of our planet’s emergency situation and this programme takes us a step nearer to a zero-waste future,” the mayor said.


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