The Devil’s Pool, the most dangerous bath in the world

The Devil's Pool, the most dangerous bath in the world
The Devil's Pool, the most dangerous bath in the world. image: google - michael johnston

The Devil’s Pool, the most dangerous bath in the world

There is a spectacular bathing pool in a small lagoon, that is surrounded by rocks. Here, you can take in some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see, right on top of a waterfall. Not just any old waterfall, but it sits atop the mighty 100 metres high Victoria Falls. This giant wall of water, fed by the Zambezi river, lies on the border between the two countries of Zimbabwe, and Zambia, in Africa.

For obvious reasons, the locals call it ‘The Devil’s Pool’, without a doubt the world’s most dangerous bath. While it is possible to enter the lagoon, and swim, or just bathe and take in the setting, the levels of danger are extremely high. This beautiful wonder of nature has for several years now had a person in charge of controlling entry to the bathing. They are also there to help you get the maximum enjoyment out of the experience.


To visit the Devil’s Pool you would need to travel to Livingstone Island – named after the discoverer of Victoria Falls, this massive natural wonder of the world. Visits to the Pool are limited to the dry season, from September to December.

To even attempt to go there at other times of the year would be foolish, and life-threatening, as that would be when the waters are in full flow, and entering the Pool you could very easily be dragged over the edge.

To bathe in the Devil’s Pool you will have to know that it is only possible to do so during the dry season. That is, between the months of September, October and December. If you went in other months, you would put your life at risk, because that is when there is more flow, and the force of the water could drag you.

To reach this dangerous pool you would have to fly fromJohannesburg to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, or to Livingstone in Zambia. Once there, you will find many tour operators who will take you to your desired destination, as reported by


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