Be prepared for DGT fines you could face this winter

Be prepared for DGT fines you could face this winter
Be prepared for DGT fines you could face this winter. image: pixabay

Be prepared for DGT fines you could face this winter

In the same way that there are certain traffic fines that are more frequent during the summer months, there are other penalties that are very common during the cold winter months. The Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) is currently more vigilant than ever on the Spanish road network, watching for drivers not adhering to the laws of the road.

At this time of year, it is very common to drive with heavy rain, wind, snow, ice, or fog. These are adverse weather conditions that can sometimes be a problem behind the wheel, and call for more attention on the road by the driver. They also involve correct maintenance of your vehicle, something that the DGT’s traffic cops are always ready to check.

Here are the various fines you can face if your visibility behind the wheel is impaired:


• If the windscreen, or any of the car’s other windows show damage or fractures that hinder your visibility, you can face a fine of €200.

• If you have not completely removed layers of ice from the windscreen, or it is very dirty, thus hindering your visibility, you can be fined €80.

• If you have unauthorised stickers, sheets, or other elements on your windscreen or car windows, you can receive a penalty of €200.

• If you drive with tinted or colored rear windows without the homologation document, you can face a fine of €200.

• If you drive with your windscreen wiper blades in poor condition, it can mean that when it rains they do not perform their task correctly. This makes it difficult for you to see, and thus endangers road safety, for which you can receive a penalty of €80.

• If the license plate is not visible, or in poor condition, and is therefore not legible, you can be fined €200.

Although it is not mandatory to carry snow chains in the car, you should always fit them whenever you see the R-412 sign on the road. This is unless your vehicle has winter tyres, or all-season tyres. If you do not place the chains when it is mandatory, you can be landed with a fine of €200.

Having good condition, and the correct quality tyres, is an essential factor in safe driving, since they are the only elements that keep the vehicle in contact with the road surfaces. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain them well, and change worn or damaged tyres for new ones when necessary. According to current regulations, the minimum depth limit that a tYre tread must have is 1.6 millimetres, as reported by


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  2. Keep legal and deny the authorities the cash revenue they envisage, they constantly keep cooking up new or being more vigilant with the older laws. Motorist are not a funding pot to be constantly raided. Sort out the Countries finances in a more constructive way.


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