Praising an elderly lady on Facebook for filling holes in Llucmajor roads

Pepita’s latest repairs
Pepita’s latest repairs Credit: Miguel Galvez Ramos Facebook

SOCIAL media user and Llucmajor resident Miguel Galvez Ramos has created a post praising an elderly lady on Facebook for filling holes in Llucmajor roads.

He explains in his post that she is around 70 years of age and is known as Pepita but unlike many who simply complain about the state of local roads, she does something about them and fills potholes with concrete.

According to Mr Ramos, he has now seen her at four different times pushing a wheelbarrow containing concrete and not only filling in the holes in a number of small rural roads, but also marking out where the drying concrete is.


Speaking for himself and a number of fellow residents, he thanked Pepita for what she is doing but feels uncomfortable that an elderly lady is doing the work that should be undertaken by either the local council or the Consell de Mallorca, especially as she is giving her time free of charge and even paying for the material.

Looking through local social media, the problem of potholes in roads throughout Llucmajor seems to be a regular complaint not just in this one area but across the municipality.

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