New remains of five individuals found in Son Coletes cemetery

The dig continues
The dig continues Credit: Balearic Government

NEW remains of five individuals found in Son Coletes cemetery in Manacor and it is believed that they will also be identified as victims of the Civil War.

The news was confirmed on November 21 by the regional secretary, Jesús Jurado, during the start of the program of guided tours organized by the Vice Presidency of the Government with the Municipality of Manacor

The second phase of excavations and exhumations at the Son Coletes cemetery is progressing, as the weather allows and two new graves were discovered containing the bones of at least five people and the presence of lime suggests that they were victims of the war.


Although it was initially believed that Son Coletes would not reveal any signs of murder, 11 victims of the Civil War have so far been confirmed among the remains analysed in the second phase of excavations in Son Coletes with all showing clear evidence of gunshot wounds.

There are two days of more planned cemetery tours which will take place on Sundays November 28 and December 12.

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