Torremolinos plans to allow the Three Kings Parade to go ahead

Scene from the 2019 Cavalcade
Scene from the 2019 Cavalcade Credit: Torremolinos Council

TORREMOLINOS plans to allow the Three Kings Parade to go ahead on January 5 next year but will implement any health guidelines in place at that time.

IN response to the news that a number of municipalities along the Costa del Sol are not planning to allow a Three Kings Parade, Torremolinos Council has decided to go ahead.

First the Council will celebrate the reception of the Three Wise Men in the Town Hall on Tuesday January 4 and then, subject to whatever restrictions may be in place next January, expect to allow the parade to take place on the following day.


The Council considers it important to allow this much anticipated and enjoyed event to go ahead as children missed it last year and to hold it, shows that yet another semblance of normality is returning.

It is intended that there will be a number of festive events leading up to Christmas and Three Kings will be organised for residents by the Council but plans are still being considered and details will be announced in due course.

This will be good news for the hospitality industry as many Spanish families enjoy eating out either that evening following the parade or the following day, January 6 which is a public holiday.

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