The different funeral plans from Golden Leaves

The different funeral plans from Golden Leaves
The different funeral plans from Golden Leaves. Image: Wikimedia

THE funeral plan providers at Golden Leaves have been finding the right pre-paid plans for their clients for years, making sure their wishes are carried out when the time comes.

The expert team at Golden Leaves can talk you through every stage of putting together your plans, ensuring that your loved ones are not left to plan and pay for your funeral in a different country and another language.

But what are the funeral plans that Golden Leaves offers?


The Opal Plan

This plan is designed for those who just want a simple cremation service.

The Opal Plan provides a simple funeral service that covers the essential items, including the removal and disposal of the deceased. This plan is suitable for single people, couples, or small family units. This funeral can be completed within 72 hours.

The Opal Plan covers administration of the plan and attending to all necessary funeral arrangements, as well as the funeral director’s services.

It also covers transport of the deceased to the mortuary within Spain, advice on certification and registration, three day’s mortuary expenses, preparation and care of the deceased, and the supply of a veneered coffin.

For the service, The Opal Plan will cover provision of a hearse to the local crematorium, organising necessary staff, the cremation fee and doctor’s certificate, supply of an urn, a certificate allowing ashes to be taken on board an aircraft, and a death certificate translated to English.

The Pearl Plan

This plan is designed for those who would like a traditional funeral service for cremation or burial and provides a comprehensive funeral service.

Offering all the services available within the Opal plan, with the added benefit of a floral tribute and premium coffin, the Pearl Plan can give you a funeral similar in content to what you would expect in the UK. This plan also allows five days for family participation, especially if based in a different country, making it a more suitable option for couples and families.

The plan also offers hygienic treatment (if required) and care of the deceased, robe and fittings as required, and a religious service, as well as priest and staff attendance.

The Golden Plan

This plan is designed for those who wish to be repatriated to a country other than their current country of residence.

The Golden Plan offers worldwide repatriation back home to the desired country, and a contribution to a simple funeral service in the country of your choice.

It covers removal to the funeral director’s premises, preparation for international travel, a simple coffin conforming to international travel, delivery to airport in closed hearse, and delivery from UK airport to funeral directors (within 100km).

The plans also covers a quality wood veneer coffin, hearse on the day of the funeral, provision of conductor and bearers, service at crematorium, minister services, advice to executors relating to repatriation and its funeral services, all legal documents required for repatriation and its funeral services, and a £2000 contribution to UK funeral director’s fee.

So to find the right funeral plan for you, contact Golden Leaves today.

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