Fuengirola Council plans to become 100 per cent sustainable

The five new electric mopeds
The five new electric mopeds Credit: Fuengirola Council

FUENGIROLA Council plans to become 100 per cent sustainable and has taken another step forward with the addition of five electric mopeds to the municipal mobile fleet.

As part of the Council team’s strategy to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, it has introduced a plan to electrify its fleet vehicles, in order to improve the operation and sustainability of municipal services.

“As a result of the continuous advances in electric mobility that we are carrying out in recent years we decided to acquire five more sustainable and efficient electric mopeds, which have a range of around 80 kilometres before needing to charge” explained Councillor for Innovation, Isabel González


With regard to environmental advantages, the acquisition of these electric vehicles will allow the Council to reduce a significant amount of CO2 into the atmosphere and also to reduce noise pollution.

The Council values the positive effect that this action has for residents, in terms of the implementation of projects that promote the reduction of the global carbon footprint in the municipality and the development of actions that converge with the objectives of the European Union and the 2030 Agenda.

Fuengirola was one of the first municipalities to incorporate electric cars into their service, as was the case with the public company Fuengirola Televisión, which has several.

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