Moreno studying ‘progressive incorporation’ of Covid passports in Andalucia

Moreno studying 'progressive incorporation' of Covid passports in Andalucia
Moreno studying 'progressive incorporation' of Covid passports in Andalucia. image: [email protected]_Moreno

Moreno studying ‘progressive incorporation’ of Covid passports in Andalucia

Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucia, said today, Saturday, November 20, that his Government is studying “progressively incorporating the Covid passport” in the community.

Moreno made this announcement during his visit to Granada for the 16th Autonomous Congress of the PP-Andalus. There he met and spoke with young people, highlighting the “enormous responsibility and maturity” shown by young Andalucians during the coronavirus pandemic. The head of the Board pointed out the debt that Andalucia has with its youth for the way they have helped to combat the virus.

Among citizens under 30 years of age, Andalucia is at the forefront of vaccination rates in Spain, claimed Moreno. He said that when young people have been called for vaccination, they have stepped forward and have been vaccinated. “We have a youth with “maturity, solvent, and in whom we can trust”.


Despite the fact that Andalucia has more than 93 per cent of its target population vaccinated, the president has stressed that the pandemic is not over yet. However, he pointed out, the incidence of the pandemic at the moment in Andalucia is lower than in the rest of Spain.

The president praised the young people of Andalucia

“There is no excessive risk, but, it is advisable to start anticipating situations” and therefore is the reason why his government is studying a move to “progressively incorporate the Covid passport because it serves to guarantee safe spaces and to motivate those who have not been vaccinated”.

Currently, 65 per cent of those hospitalized in Andalucia were not vaccinated he added. In reference to the way the pandemic is affecting other European countries, the president has insisted on asking citizens for prudence. He called for attention to measures such as safe distancing, hygiene, and that they go to the doctor if they have symptoms. Most of all, he emphasised, if you are not vaccinated, go to get vaccinated.

“We are going to overcome the pandemic and any challenge that comes our way”, he concluded, as reported by


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  1. My body, my choice (where have I heard that before?) and I choose to refuse any ‘mandatory’ experimental vaccine until it has concluded the five years ‘trials’ required to PROVE it is both effective and safe, besides which I think I had this virus in 2019, and my immune system was strong enough then to defeat it, and believe me, it’s stronger now after sussing out what their plan was.

    Study ‘eugenics’ and you will wonder why all the folk who promote this ‘jab’ are globalist elites


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