Skoda Enyaq – a winning EV choice

Skoda Enyaq - a winning EV choice
A winning EV choice.

With so many marques owned by single corporate entities it’s perhaps no surprise that economics dictate a certain commonality. So Skoda’s Enyaq shares its underpinnings with the VW ID range and in particular the ID.4. However, there are some subtle but noticeable differences that set the two apart on the style front.

The all-electric Enyaq is big, very big, so one of the first proper all-electric, all-consuming family vehicles. With even the entry level model claiming up to 256 miles of range, and from my week it’s pretty close to achievable given the right circumstances, this is one of the most useable EVs I have tried. It’s also one of the more affordable, albeit electric cars are still expensive compared to petrol powered equivalents.

With five trim levels, two power options and all-wheel-drive on offer, there’s no shortage of choice. Prices start from €37,366/£32,010 (including €2,918/£2,500 UK government EV grant), other battery options and trims can push the final price well north of €46k/£40k. The lead-in model is the only one that qualifies for the UK EV grant.


The entry level Loft spec comes with 58kwh battery, that 256 mile range and a decent array of standard kit from Bluetooth, navigation and Wi-Fi hotspot through to keyless stop/start, cruise control and light and rain sensors.

The Enyaq is an imposing vehicle that lacks some of the styling oddities that have previously beset EV designs. It also has an impressive interior, with my test car having swathes of cloth across the fascia rather than the usual plastic. Quite how durable this would prove I don’t know but it makes an impact. One of the first things you notice about the interior is the space, the sheer amount of it, from legroom to height to load area.

On the road the Enyaq is typically EV quiet with wind and tyre noise very well insulated. It’s comfortable too and on a 200-mile journey we emerged with range to spare (no charging required), quite comfortable and relaxed. It also rides well, soaking up the worst excesses of our potholed tarmac, and the handling is decent rather than exceptional. To be fair it’s not the type of car you would buy for excitement.

The Enyaq is genuinely useable in range terms alone, as a whole package it’s a winning EV choice. It’s only let down only by the poor EV infrastructure in the UK.

Facts at a Glance

  • Model: Skoda Enyaq iV60 Loft
  • Engine: 58 kwh electric developing 179PS
  • Gears: Automatic
  • Price: €40,284 (£34,510 excluding UK government EV grant)
  • Performance: 0-100 kph (62 mph) 8.4 seconds/Maximum Speed 159 kph (99 mph)
  • Economy: 412km/256 miles combined range – 6.4km/4 miles per kwh –  WLTP
  • Emissions: 0 g/km

Model tested was UK-specification and equipment levels and prices may vary in other markets.


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